READ BEFORE ENTERING; This website is for information purposes only; we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating, or preventing any disease or medical condition by providing the information contained herein. Before beginning any natural, integrative or conventional treatment regimen, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.

What We Are All About

Investigating and producing evidence that shows you the best way to natural health.

We want you to get motivated and healthy the right way.  Our goal is to produce high-quality, relevant information and discuss your choices to make informed health decisions. We will dig deep and find information that big business likes to keep quiet. We will show you the “other” side of the story. The one they try to suppress and keep from you.

Build a reliable, respected organization that shows facts without big industry profiteers’ influence.

We want to uncover the truth for you. We will dig and research to find facts about health and well-being. We will not take donations or sell advertising to or be influenced by any entity who wants us to write information while leaning towards their perspective. We are Free-Thinking Americans, and we cannot be bought. We will make our own decisions on who and what we promote while showing you the science behind it. Our ultimate goal is your optimal health, not the almighty dollar. 

Uncover fraud and corruption in the medical industry

We will compile evidence and gather facts about what we believe to be fraudulent and biased/skewed studies in the profit before the health industry. We will show them to you and put them side by side to what we believe to studies not funded by the money-making industry.

We want to be one of the nation’s go-to places for reliable health information.

To make our website where you go to get information on health decisions and become a respected advocate for evidence-informed natural health care.

Welcome to our world! If you would like to start a journey to inner peace and physical health, you are in the right place. This is our website packed with information. We are also available for Top-Life Coaching Session for individuals and groups.

Science says 80% – 95% of all diseases are “PREVENTABLE!”

Big Pharma does not want you to know that simple things can help you avoid disease. Disease is big business. Medications can be toxic and have horrific side effects. Yes, there are some good medicine and some excellent life-saving procedures. But, then there is big business and big profits. We will teach you the difference and show you some natural alternatives that work as well or even better.  We will supply you with evidence and explain to you things they do not want you to know. It is the information age. We are your Investigators.

We cure all that ails us with food.

We prevent disease and illness through diet and lifestyle, so nothing ails us in the first place. We are not allowed to say we cure anything by law. We can say that we have cured our ailments. We can show you facts and tell you stories of healing, but we can’t tell you that we heal anything.  We can find evidence bases information and discuss it with you. We will try our best to find unbiased information. If a special interest group funds papers, we will let you know.  We have always lived in the fake news age. It is just now coming to the forefront. We will dig for what we believe to be the facts and present them to you.

Disclaimer: We DO NOT say we cure ailments. We do not claim to have cures to disease, but we tell you about others that do. The sole purpose of this website is to educate the Free Thinking Public on facts and allow them to decide what is best for them. The powerful pharma conglomerate that controls the rules forbids anyone to disclose a cure, even if it can be proven because it conflicts with their stronghold on the chemicals to cover symptoms industry.

The mind and the body are connected. You can train your subconscious mind to focus on positive thoughts. You can be in charge of your health without doctors or medicines almost all of the time.

  • What you focus on is what becomes.
  • The root of all disease is Toxicity and Deficiency.
  • You can change your mindset and change your life.
  • You don’t always need Big-Pharma and should keep it to a minimum.
  • You can overcome food addiction that the big business has poured billions of dollars into pushing you into.
  • You can get healthy naturally and heal most of the basic health issues with diet and exercise.
  • You can PREVENT disease in the first place.
  • You can Free Your Mind and think for yourself.

Please read some of our basic articles. Start with the basics of where you are and what you need to accomplish.

About our Investigators

—My wife and I are both investigators. We have been retired for several years. We have a love of holistic, natural health and research topics of interest. My wife has a degree in holistic medicine. She went back to school in retirement.  We have many writers who investigate and forward information to us. Our son has many years of experience in the broadcast industry, and he is producing our movie.  We travel to interview top doctors and scientists worldwide while many writers are writing articles in our absence.

We have many connections throughout the world in the investigation field. Many volunteer their time and efforts to help our cause.  We have five people helping us get this project off the ground. Most are investigators, and some are writers.

Many will stay anonymous, and our staff is growing quickly.

—I am not a scientist but I have been an investigator for over three decades. I have done everything from auto insurance fraud to espionage. Surveillance is not my favorite thing, but I have years of experience in that part of it also. My favorite part is interview and interrogation. I have been trained to decide who is lying and who is telling the truth. It turns out liars are my biggest pet peeve, hence my career busting dishonest people who commit fraud.

My hatred of lies, deception, and dishonesty is what fuels my career.  I have a newer fascination with holistic medicine and a super big dislike for corruption and deception hence top-lifecoach.com. With some mentally ill people in the family who were pathological liars, it is easy to make lying a pet peeve.

I pride myself on doing everything legally, morally, and ethically correct to the best of my ability. No, I cannot be perfect but one of my friends from ESPD once jokingly said, they saw me not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. My integrity is part of my reputation in my personal and professional life.

I do not blindly trust anything. I question everything which I am sure can be annoying; especially when someone states something that is not true and I prove them wrong.  This is a Free Thinking Place to Come. We only supply you with facts that we gather in our investigations to display them for you to read. We do put our two cents in but we ask that you keep an open mind and read the factual information that is sometimes hidden from you and be a free-thinking individual and decide for yourself. We focus on what the mainstream will not.

—I am a full-time government investigator and this is my hobby. I research and write articles. Research is my passion and health is a close second.

—Deception is my biggest pet-peeve; hence my position volunteering my time. I bring with me an abundance of investigative skills. I supply facts for the writers.