Cancer For-Profit Business

We all know by now that cancer for profit is a big business. Everywhere you go you see that it is a 200 billion dollar a year industry. There are articles and movies on the toxic chemotherapy scam, which is one of the biggest legalized scams in our history. People are dying every day from chemotherapy.

If we all know that Toxic Chemotherapy Kills, why are we still doing it?

Read some information in the articles about the toxic side effects that include, secondary cancers, blindness, heart disease, death, and more. You can explore information in the multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical industries chemo-therapy business and read about why people are dying from the toxic adverse side effects. There is a better way.  We go as far as asking you to think about this. Is cancer really not as deadly as we believe and are the cancer care drugs causing the majority of the deaths? Just a thought to open your mind.

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