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Eat for Health

Eating for Health is Simple

Although it is not the easiest thing to eat healthy in today’s brainwashed society that pummels you with false information and saturates your mind with toxic food images, go to any grocery store and see how society has gone wrong.  If you genuinely desire good health, close your eyes and clear your mind. Take several deep breaths as you attempt to wipe out the toxic influence of the profit-based big businesses that have taken over your mind and convinced you that eating toxic foods is the norm.

Disease is Caused by Deficiency and Toxicity

If you want to be healthy, you must change your mindset. If you’re going to cure your diseases through nutrition, you must erase all of the toxic influence from your brain in a sense. Your new mantra, as of today, is, “I eat to nourish my body for health.” I created this mantra for myself, and magic happened within about a month. I started to not care about flavor and only about being healthy. I don’t eat horrible tasting things, but I do not care or put much weight into whether it tastes good.

You will get a plethora of false information and bad advice everywhere you go when it comes to eating healthy. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are some of the very worst things you can partake in. You can teach yourself to eat healthy by following along as we build this section here. We will give you all of the basics of healthy eating, proper nutrition, and how to eat to cure what ails you.

Diets Do Not Work

We do not believe in any diet. If you eat healthily and give the body proper nutrition while keeping out the toxic foods, your body will find its natural healthy weight.  We believe good nutrition cures ailments, and toxicity causes them. We will teach you how to remove toxicity and nourish your body for health.

Here are some articles we are creating for you. Bear with us; we are a very new magazine and build this section as quickly as possible.

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Eat for Health

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