30 Vaccinated Students Have Whooping Cough in an Outbreak

  • 30 Cases of Whooping Cough Among Vaccinated Students

    Not one unvaccinated student is sick

    virus, vaccinations are deadly and cause autism
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30 Vaccinated Students came down with Whooping-Cough

Zero Unvaccinated students have been affected, but 30 Vaccinated Students came down with Whooping-Cough at Harvard-Westlake, a San Fernando Valley, Private school. Not one unvaccinated child is sick so far. Health officials and the school are taking measures to contain the pertussis outbreak among students. The illness typically lasts about five days.

There are three clusters of cases among 11- to 18-year-olds, and the school is taking all the measures to attempt to contain the spread of the pertussis outbreak among its vaccinated students.

Media frenzies over outbreaks are common these days to spread the hysteria in propaganda campaigns to promote vaccination. The pharmaceutical industry can rake in billions of dollars a year. Fear-mongering is typical in today’s environment considering the pharmaceutical industry owns the media.

Since all of the students at the Harvard-Westlake outbreak were vaccinated should bring a plethora of questions to the forefront of the vaccination debate.

If all of the students were vaccinated, how could they all get pertussis? The DPT vaccination is supposed to protect them. Why did it not do its job? These vaccine cases not working are evidence that you are being forced to put a toxic product that can be debilitating and disease-causing in your body, yet it does not always work to protect you.

Here is a document if you decide to refuse the DTaP Vaccine. Here are some reasons to look at considering that.

The forced Tdap vaccine:

  • Using the MedAlerts search engine, From 1990 to June of 2018, there have been 150,043 serious adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in connection with pertussis-containing vaccines. 2745 were deaths.
  • Not one study has been done on the DTaP vaccine to evaluate carcinogenicity, mutagenic potential, or fertility impairment.
  • The vaccine clearly has the ability to cause injury and death.

The Tdap vaccine contains Aluminum and Formaldehyde

The Tdap vaccine contains Aluminum and Formaldehyde, both of which are highly toxic to the body. Formaldehyde is a known cancer-causing agent.  Aluminum is a neurotoxin. There is an abundance of evidence that clearly shows aluminum can play a significant role in neurological diseases such as autism, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. It is also associated with many health effects, such as decreased liver and kidney function, memory loss, speech problems, and more.

Keep in mind, those who say vaccines are safe and effective often compare the ingredients that are ingested while eating to injections that cross the blood-brain barrier. There is no comparing ingestion with injection. They are two different animals—and what an animal it is.

Some reported adverse events caused by the DTaP vaccination are lymph node swelling, facial palsy, convulsion, syncope (fainting), paresthesia(pins and needles caused by pressure or damage to nerves), Guillain-Barre syndrome (a very serious condition where the immune system attacks the nerves), myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord), anaphylactic reaction, hypersensitivity reaction (angioedema, rash, hypotension), urticaria (rash/welts with sometimes dangerous swelling), muscle spasm, and myocarditis(inflammation of the heart muscle).

Also, no studies have been performed with the DTaP vaccine to evaluate carcinogenicity, mutagenic potential, or impairment of fertility. Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure that sometimes causes injury or death in even healthy people. Not much is known about the long-term health effects of receiving multiple vaccinations in one injection. Several studies suggest it is unsafe. There are no guarantees that the vaccine will protect a person as seen in the thirty vaccinated students.

81% of Whooping Cough Cases Occurred in People Who Were Fully Vaccinated

Once you start researching information about diseases and stop believing the pharmaceutically trained doctors every word, you will most likely be shocked at the abundance of information that was kept from you.  You will find many doctors who do not believe for a minute that vaccines are safe and effective. You might discover that 81% of Whooping Cough Cases Occurred in People Who Were Fully Vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, the mass media and fear-mongering pharma industry condescendingly blame the outbreaks on uninformed parents who do not vaccinate. This information should make you stop for a minute and question if you are being told the truth. Is the doctor who pushes these vaccinations on you appropriately informed or did the big pharma controlled college they went to teach them otherwise? It can’t be the incentive money that they get from the insurance companies, can it?

Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, an MD,  was one of these doctors until a vaccine seriously injured one of her children. After conducting her extensive research into vaccination, she did a complete turnaround.  Today, she warns parents of the fact that they are not getting accurate information, which in turns promotes them to agree to vaccinations. It is clear to us that doctors do not learn anything about adverse reactions in their pharma colleges. They only learn the basics scheduling of vaccinations.

The Jihad of Vaccination has begun. The pharmaceutical Jihad cannot be reasoned with. They censor and block all opposing views on vaccination. They spread their deceptive, corrupt propaganda while rejecting all evidence that contradicts their profit-driven agenda.

They have no medical ethics.  They own the politicians who are trying to force all humans to vaccinate even if it is against their will or will cause you or your child injury or death. They have no liability at all and will never step foot in a court of law, even if the vaccine kills you or seriously harms you.

The pharmaceutical industry would be out of business if they were not protected from liability from vaccination — the U.S. taxpayers dollars payout settlements in vaccine court. The ability to file in the court is so stringent most never get there in the first place. They have paid out over 4 billion dollars for adverse reactions, and it is estimated that only 1% are reported or qualify for vaccine court. Can you imagine what it would be if every case were being heard?

There are stringent guidelines as to who qualifies for vaccine court in the first place. There are time limits on every adverse reaction. So if only one to ten percent qualify what would that 4 billion dollar payout be?

Vaccination Deaths fits straight into the category of Death by Doctor.

The profiteering pharmaceutical industry that deceives the nation with its deceptive skewed studies and advertising has pummeled inaccurate information to the masses for decades. They have bombarded us so much that people actually believe the FDA, the CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry have our best interest at heart and —they do not.  I will remind you that politicians are bought and paid for with PAC money and are a cog in the wheel of the money-making corrupt pharmaceutical industry, which spends billions of dollars to control how you think. These paid-for politicians control the legislation that governs us and always favor the big industries’ profits over the people’s health.

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