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How Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines Can Cause Autism

Del Bigtree is on fire. The deception in the pharmaceutical industry runs profoundly deep. Del is at the forefront of the battle to expose corruption and fight for the truth. His team is dedicated to making changes for the better and pointing you in the right direction to find the facts, not the biased, skewed, distorted propaganda pharma spews—but the facts and science to back it up.

Mr. Bigtree’s statements are consistently accurate. He is an excellent source of factual information about vaccines. It’s impossible to address every fact Mr. Bigtree has made about vaccines since we would be writing for decades on the plethora of science that backs up his claims. Mr. Bigtree’s claims about vaccines are based upon the facts and science his team has compiled and extensively studied. The truth is on his side.

Some claim Del Bigtree’s statements need to be more accurate. Even if we occasionally make a slight error, and when brought to our attention, we correct our mistake. When we speak of the science and the numbers, there is such an extreme amount of information on each vaccination to memorize; sometimes, quoting numbers can be slightly off.

We should demand Del apologize for this hugely profound mistake!

An author has made an allegation (the author is most likely a pharmaceutically brainwashed or paid journalist who puts out inaccurate information on pharma’s behalf).

“Mr. Bigtree also claimed that the Hepatitis B vaccine does not have safety data since it was only studied for four days pre-licensing.” That is an argument? It was for FIVE days!!

Sorry, Del.  You made a profoundly colossal mistake, and  I must call you out on it!

When you make such huge, unbelievable errors, this could devastate the vaccine safety argument. Put out a press release quickly to regain your credibility!

See our point? Pharma does not have an argument. Fraud and deception cannot argue with the truth. The only thing they can do is discredit people like Del and or our team for speaking the truth. How do you battle the facts? You discredit the author or journalist when you do not have an argument.

I am one hundred percent certain that if Del Bigtree made a minimal error, or any error for that matter, he would immediately address it and tell the world he made a mistake. We saw him do this once. We all make a mistake here or there.

We propose that every single time you read or hear about a quack or quack science, that term is associated with the fact that the person exposes the truth, and someone is trying to suppress it. This is where we coined the phrase, “The Truth is in the Lie.” We must give credit to our massage therapist, who owns a successful business.

The link to ICANN’s White paper is above for your review. Keeping in mind, it states and is a fact: “To date, there have been no population-based studies specifically designed to evaluate associations between clinically meaningful outcomes and non-antigen ingredients, other than thimerosal.”

Here is the Conclusion:

The science reviewed here tells a consistent and compelling story: vaccines may cause autism by stimulating immune activation and elevated cytokines in the brain. Al adjuvants are implicated as a cause of autism. After all, they can be transported into the brain, because they cause microglial activation at vaccine-relevant dosages, and because aluminum induces IL-6 in the brain. In statements asserting no vaccine-autism link, the CDC cites scientific evidence that is not relevant to Al adjuvant safety or is incapable of disproving an Al adjuvant-autism link (Taylor 2014, DeStefano 2013, Mitkus

 2011). In support of claims for Al adjuvant safety, the CDC relies on a profoundly flawed theoretical modeling study (Mitkus 2011).

There is little scientific evidence supporting the safety of Al adjuvants, especially about autism and other long-term neurological outcomes.

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants

In summary, research data suggests that vaccines containing Al may be a contributing etiological factor in the increasing incidence of autism.

Sjögren’s syndrome: another facet of the autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA).

Recently, a new syndrome, namely the “Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants” (ASIA), has been defined. In this syndrome, different conditions characterized by common signs and symptoms and induced by the presence of an adjuvant are included. The adjuvant is a substance capable of boosting the immune response and of acting as a trigger in the development of autoimmune diseases. Post-vaccination autoimmune phenomena represent a major issue of ASIA.

Sjogren’s Syndrome (SjS) is a systemic chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease characterized by the presence of an inflammatory involvement of exocrine glands accompanied by systemic manifestations.