Are Holistic Doctors Being Murdered by Pharma?

We are as anti-pharma as they come, but we are also a group of investigators with many years of experience. We found straight out of the gate. This list of murdered doctors lacks any credibility whatsoever. If you make a claim, it should be factual. If sixty holistic doctors are dead, and on a list, they should all be holistic doctors. Well, it’s not even close.

As of 2018, there are more than 145,000 osteopathic medical physicians (DOs) in the USA. There are approximately 35,000 chiropractors. There are a plethora of people in the holistic health industry and connected industries. People dying in the holistic health realm are a standard part of everyday life on earth. Can we conclude that when they die, big pharma has murdered them? This list has now expanded to include multiple countries, not just the USA.

Since nine of the first twenty-seven doctors on the holistic doctor’s murder list were NOT HOLISTIC DOCTORS, we stopped researching after number 27. We concluded this is just non-sense. 

We, as a group of investigators, deemed this list sensationalism. Good journalists deal with factual information and do not lead people to believe things that are not true.

One person on the list was a researcher, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR.  Although dentists are doctors, we could not figure out why big pharma would want to murder a dentist?

Several chiropractors on the list were doing nothing but practicing chiropractic for many years, and we don’t understand why pharma would kill them either?

Could some people on this list be killed by pharma, a mere few but yes. Are most of these even suspicious? NO. As the series progressed, the area got wider and wider. It started as a cluster in Florida, the U.S. then moved into reporting deaths in Canada, Mexico, Grenada, and now the United Kingdom. So our opening line of how many holistic doctors in the USA goes out the window. Now you must include all these other countries if you want to compare the ratio of doctors allegedly killed to the number of doctors in existence.

A Website Alleges  – Holistic Doctors Murdered by Pharma

According to a website, 60 plus holistic or naturopathic doctors have been killed by big pharma. And we also see some updates showing 70 then 80 as the list is growing.  Is this sensationalism to obtain unique visitors and build a customer base, or is it actually true? We do not name the websites or people because we do not fight with or criticize people or sites by name that are on the same side of the natural health battle.

We are very supportive of the holistic health industry, and if you have read our articles, we despise unnecessary, toxic, for-profit medicine. We believe in emergency medicine and other life-saving medicine forms and the same breath, admire, and support non-allopathic medicine. We bring you facts. We don’t sensationalize anything. We dig for the truth and the scientific studies for you to review and encourage you to decide for yourself. We promote free thinking. We expose deceit and corruption. We believe this list is misleading but not wholly deceptive.

In their defense, they state that they do not know if these deaths are connected and in no way state as fact big pharma killed them, but they sure do give that perception at first glance.

So in today’s day, when many just glance at headlines, read memes without looking at factual information, and sometimes not reading the details of what is written, people come to quick, inaccurate conclusions. Many people do this as a regular practice, hence spreading false beliefs by not necessarily false facts. This is what is called not knowing what you are talking about. People don’t always pay attention or skim through articles and then base their opinions on this. That is a big part of stories like this getting taken out of context.

Basic psychology says if you hear something three times, you deem it as accurate. The sizeable spreading list of 60 to 80 plus holistic doctors being killed can be due to these factors discussed.

I spoke to our producer of our movie on the phone. She is in Australia, and she even mentioned all of the holistic doctors being killed in the USA and questioned us on our safety while producing our movie. I advised her at first glance; it seems like we need to be careful. On further examination, we discover this list is nonsense. It is merely nothing more than a list of doctors or many non-doctors that die. Many on the list are not even holistic doctors. They are straight out big pharma trained, pharmaceutically backed schools practicing big pharma medicine or not even a doctor at all in many cases.

We started to look into the factual information behind the deaths and found right from the start that a lot of these could not be connected to the big industries hit list— even if we wanted to see it that way. What you look for is sometimes what you see.  The bulk of the doctors do not belong on a suspicious death list. See for yourself just some of the random cases we investigated on the sensationalized list of murdered holistic doctors.

Never trust what you read. Verify everything for yourself, including what we write. This is where we look into each case. Read the details and do not automatically conclude anything until you have all the facts. Then your opinion is of value, in our opinion.

If you ever really want to know facts do your research. Do not just blindly believe what you read no matter who the source is, including  We encourage free-thinking and do the very best to bring facts, but even we make mistakes on occasion.

We have all have backgrounds in law enforcement and investigations. In the police academy, there was a sign straight ahead of the recruit’s desks that they stared at for six months; it read, “If you lie about one thing, you will lie about anything.” We believe in spreading factual information, not nonsense.  Those that spread nonsense make the holistic health or natural medicine and former vaccination groups look absurd, discrediting the movement.

The next question is, how many of those on the list were involved with GcMAF as many internet sites claim without doing any research. We did not find any of the twenty-seven on this list involved with it, but we need to look closer at two or three.

One article on the internet stated every doctor on the list was involved with GcMAF.  That his laughable and extremely poor journalism.

Let’s look at the illustrious list of holistic doctors being murdered by big pharma.  We will start by ruling out those we do not find suspicious, and after we compile a suspect list, we will dig deeper into that list.

List of Alleged Murdered Holistic Doctors

Rose Polge, 25, drowned herself – NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR – and not from the USA

A big pharma doctor who lived and worked in the U.K.

So this is an update, but we put it at the top to show this list’s absurdity.

Rose Devon was a big pharma junior doctor, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR, and she lived and worked in the United Kingdom.  This list is getting very carried away.

Gonzalez, 59, A Naturopathic doctor from Kentucky shot by the patient’s husband

Police in Kentucky arrested a man who walked into the office of  Gonzalez, his wife’s naturopathic caregiver, and shot and killed him. Omer Ahmetovic, 35, of Bowling Green has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.  Omer Ahmetovic blames the doctor for his wife’s death. He was treating her holistically, and she died regardless of treatments. He accused the doctor of her death, and he killed him. This is not a big pharma hit, and we do not believe this will make our suspicious list.

Mark Buller, Ph.D. NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR hit by a car

Mark Buller, Ph.D., a poxvirus researchers scientist, was killed Friday, Feb. 24. He was riding his bike when he was hit by a car. His work was part of the reason SLU received a multi-million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health. They researched microbes that cause diseases. Some of the work was on tuberculosis,  H5N1 influenza, and monkeypox. The NIH is tied to and as corrupt as pharma. Why would a researcher be on a doctor’s death list?

Buller was a researcher. He had about 175 publications. His work has been published in Science, Nature, Cell, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

We are reaching out for an update to find out if any criminal charges were filed and the details of the accident.  At the time no foul play was suspected.

Christopher Spradley died in an accident in 2015 – NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR – A Big Pharma Doctor

He worked at Baylor Scott & White Memorial Hospital for over ten years. He was a pulmonologist and director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit. He is clearly a pharmaceutical-backed doctor so I don’t possibly see how he is on the holistic doctor’s death list?

He specialized in critical care medicine, sleep disorders, palliative care, pulmonary arterial hypertension, medical diseases of the chest, and right heart catheterization.

This one is clearly false. Credibility goes down each time a flat out false statement is made when it comes to law enforcement, investigations, court, and even everyday life. This is a tragic story of a young life ended too soon — no need to sensationalize this as a pharma hit.

Lorraine K. Hurley – Functional medicine doctor hit by a car.

A 56-year-old cyclist was fatally injured when she was struck by a pickup truck on Stony Brook Road in Brewster Friday, officials said. Lorraine K. Hurley, of Brewster, was found unconscious by police around 7:22 p.m., according to a statement from Brewster police. Hurley was taken to Cape Cod Hospital, where she died, the statement said. According to the statement, the driver, Richard W. Brown Jr., 24, of Brewster, was driving a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche. Police have not determined whether to file charges, Brewster Police Chief Richard Koch said Saturday.

Dr. Sebi was arrested in May of that year on charges of money laundering. He died when he was on his way to the local hospital from the jail. No foul play was ever confirmed.

Now Nipsey Russell has been shot and killed. He was doing a documentary on Dr. Sebi. Before a single fact came out, the conspiracies were running wild. We cannot just jump to the conclusion that this was a big pharma hit because he was killed. They say Nipsey had no gang affiliations, so the immediate consensus without facts is that the murder was not gang-related.

A woman on a social media page that I belong to said, “A man in a suit came up and killed him.” She said she was told directly by Nipsey’s cousin after many posted that they questioned exactly where she obtained her information. Today we viewed the camera footage of the murder. The shooters were not wearing suits. Not even close, so there was no confusion — just a lie. We will look into this further as the information becomes available.

They have a gang-related person in custody for the murder. Considering the shooting is on video, it appears that big pharma did not murder him so far.  Many will say that the shooter was paid by big pharma. Again you cannot just jump to that conclusion. One person on social media says they do a little time, and big pharma gets them out of jail.

Dr. John Louis Lombardozzi, a Chiropractor, died in a motorcycle accident

He was 55 and from Erie, PA. He died in a motorcycle accident. He was an experienced rider and wearing a helmet, so he went on the list of holistic doctors killed by big pharma. We question why big pharma would murder one of the 37,000 chiropractors in the United States? We feel horrible that these families have to read so many articles about being killed by the pharmaceutical industry—our condolences to the family.

Dr. Ronald Schwartz shot to death in a burglary, shooter confessed.

He was shot to death at his home. This is not likely a holistic doctor hit by big pharma. Saul Lopez, 27, of Miami, was arrested on Dec. 27. He had worked for the doctor in the past. Cash, firearms, and jewelry were stolen. Some of it was recovered in the shooter’s home. He has been charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery. Lopez implicated himself and another person.

Cheryl DeBoer – NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR or even a researcher

DeBoer, an employee at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Her death was ruled a suicide—our sincerest condolences to the family. The list of holistic doctor deaths now includes people who worked for but did not research a cancer research center. She was not involved with research, nor was she a doctor. If she was a researcher, is there not a separate list. She is just an employee at a cancer research company. Cancer research companies research big pharma toxic medications that cover symptoms. These companies are funded and bought and paid for by pharma.

We find suspicion that there were bloodstains on the car seat she was driving when she went into the woods and allegedly took her life. She had cuts on her fingers that they also ruled to be self-inflicted. This makes no sense to us.

Was there a connection to big pharma if she was murdered? She had a non-research job at a cancer research company. These places are all big pharma owned and backed research centers.  She did not have a job doing research.

If this was a murder, it does not necessarily just go on the holistic doctor murder list because she worked at a cancer research center, but we will keep this on the suspicious death list. Again, condolences to the family.

Dr. Laura Skellchock, Holistic MD

Detective Nitsch, BSO Broward County, is handling the case: # 17-1611000583.  We are out gathering information.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet  –  SUSPICIOUS

He brought information to light regarding the vaccine industry. His practice was raided the week before his death.  He was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. They found his body near where he vacationed in Rutherford County N.C. They ruled his death a suicide.  He was involved in studies showing mercury toxicity in children with autism. This, of course, puts you on the big pharma hit list when you work on showing a correlation between vaccination and autism. He used a ‘mercury toxicity treatment’ – among others – as an attempt to cure autism, which is as anti-pharma as you can get.

Bradstreet’s family does not believe he committed suicide. We will keep this one on the list as suspicious.

Thomas Bruff, MD, Holistic doctor died in a plane crash

We are not going to give this one a second thought. A plane crash big pharma hit? Please.

Jenny Shi, Acupuncturist murdered by a sister in law

Her sister-in-law killed her. The sister in law was charged, and there was DNA evidence. So they think she is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry and had to hire or convince the sister in law to murder her?  That is why she is on the list?

What does an acupuncturist have to the big pharma corporate cog, we ask? Maybe we are missing something.

Dr. Armon Anthony Bert, Chiropractor, heart attack

He was a victim of a heart attack found in his car; if you believe pharma will somehow induce a heart attack on a chiropractor who has been practicing for years, more power to you.

Tiejun Huang, Chinese medicine practitioner

He was killed by a man who believed the victim was having an affair with his wife.

Lisa Riley, an Osteopath, was killed by her husband with a history of domestic violence.

Her husband killed her. Do we think a husband with a violent past was paid off by pharma to kill his wife? I will follow up with how many years he will stay in jail.

Vibeke Rasmussen, Holistic doctor, killed by a mentally ill neighbor

He was killed by a mentally disturbed neighbor who lived across the hall.  Police had past experiences with the suspect saying he had a “suicidal ideology.” The police advise that the suspect is dangerous and should not be approached. They also said the attack was not random. They have witnesses of an argument that took place before the murder.

Mary Yoder, Chiropractor, ex-employee charged with murder.

She was poisoned. An ex-employee that once dated her son has been charged with murder. There are an ongoing trial and investigation. We will leave this one on the suspicious list until we dig deeper into the facts. But again, why oh why would pharma want to kill a chiropractor?

Robert Sowers, a Chiropractor, killed in a murder-suicide.

He was killed in a murder-suicide.  Rober Nap walked into the office with a shotgun and murdered Dr. Sowers, then turned the gun on himself in a horrible tragedy.  He was the husband of the receptionist who worked for the doctor.  I am so incredibly sorry; my condolences to the family. This must be so hard to read. My apologies if a family member reads this. This story completely discredits the holistic doctor’s mysterious death theory, so I must include it. Or do you think pharma paid the killer to kill him and then kill himself?  After reading all of the discrepancies on this list, this now seems extremely far fetched. If the other stories were credible, then maybe.

Jessica Colker, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR – Wife of the holistic doctor killed by a convicted rapist

She was the wife of a holistic doctor.  She was killed by a convicted rapist who turned himself in. The man had recently been released from jail. The attacker came after the husband also in this attack. Can big pharma hire a sick man such as this to attack the husband? We believe that can be possible. Is it true? That is for further investigation. We will leave this one on our list as suspicious deaths until we find further details.

Mary Rene Bovier, Retired Chiropractor

An unknown assailant killed her in an unoccupied house. We need to find more information on this one.

Mark Ernsting – Cancer researcher, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR, video footage of the robbery gone wrong

He was killed in a robbery gone wrong by a man caught on surveillance footage, and he has a criminal record. Calvin Michael Nimoh, 22, was charged with first-degree murder after surveillance footage had been obtained and eyewitnesses documented seeing him murder Mark Ernsting. This is an unfortunate tragedy, but the pharma industry did not kill this researcher. Again, cancer research scams are backed by the pharmaceutical industry. They are just as corrupt as pharma is. Cancer researchers are NOT holistic doctors.

Ferdinand ‘Fred’ Mejilla, Chiropractor murder-suicide

He was killed in a murder-suicide by his receptionist husband, who was also once his patient. Not a holistic murder by pharma case. Again, why would pharm want to kill chiropractors?

Hakeem M. Abdul-Karim, Dentist who died of a heart attack

He died of a heart attack. So big pharma caused a dentist’s heart attack?  Why is he on the list? We have no clue. 

He used the term preventative dentistry. So the pharmaceutical giant who fears the growth of natural anti-pharma type medicine murdered a dentist who has a preventative viewpoint? And how did they cause his heart attack? Yes, we do know there are ways to induce heart attacks but a dentist?  My apologies to the family. Writing these things is difficult. I would be appalled that his name is on the list and so many articles written about this holistic doctor’s death.

Nadeera De Silva, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR, died of a drug overdose.

He was a clinical cancer researcher who did not practice holistic medicine. He was seen snorting and injecting drugs the night of his death.  Do we think big pharma did this and then paid all the people he was out partying with to come forward bearing false witness? We do not think so.

John Marshall, Surgeon – NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR

Since when is a surgeon, a holistic doctor?

Christopher Robert,  NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR

He was the Chief of Anesthesiology at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

This doctor had absolutely no ties to the alternative medicine and holistic health community. We did find information that alcohol was a factor in his death. He died while walking home from a Christmas party. “What do the injuries tell us? That there was trauma to the head that was consistent with a fall. There was no indication that there was a previous assault or criminal behavior.” Considering there were no witnesses to his death, we could have left this on the suspicious list, but we will not because he was in no way an alternative medicine doctor. He had acute alcohol poisoning and could have been walking home to avoid drinking and driving when he fell and hit his head.

Robert Ashton, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR – Big Pharma Doctor – Thoracic Surgery

He was also the director at Montefiore Medical Center in New York and chief thoracic surgeon at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. And a regular contributor on Fox News and MSNBC, and many considered him an expert on the health care industry— Not the holistic health industry. He took his life two weeks after a divorce from his wife, who was a news correspondent.  This is why this pharmaceutically trained doctor who practiced his entire life using pharmaceuticals is on the list? Now they are completely reaching, and we find this list to be absurd.

First of all, ABC News is part of the pharmaceutical industry. The mainstream media is owned by big pharma. Have you noticed how many pharma commercials are on ABC? So, where is the connection? We cannot find it. We feel for the family in this horrible tragedy. It’s upsetting people get put on a list such as this. As far as we can tell, as we are going through the list, there should be a minimal list of suspicion, and it is insulting to the families to put some of the people on this list. I hope they can ignore what this person has done by creating this list. It’s called lousy journalism.

We have decided to end our list here. We think that putting these people on lists such as this is a disgrace to the human race. Families will read this. Friends will read this. There are so many articles out there connecting these fine people to the holistic doctor death cartel, and now they will have to read more here.

We have decided not to write any more on this absurd list but we will research each and only discuss the ones that can possibly be suspicious in our professional opinion. We have many years experience in the field of investigation so we do believe our opinion is of great value.

We were told we were wrong on a Facebook post and said we would look deeper into the list, so we did. We initially stopped after number twenty-seven when we discovered the list to be nothing more than severely deceptive journalism. But we will do some more. Discovered at number 27.

Anita Kurmann, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR, A  big pharma Surgeon/endocrinologist

She was killed in a bike accident, which is on video.  It should not be on the list first, so we will not waste any more time on it. If big pharma is killing people, apparently now they kill their own.

Linnea Veinotte, NOT A HOLISTIC DOCTOR – A researcher and teacher at St. George’s University in Grenada

She was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and the perpetrator, Akim Frank, later turned himself in.