Biggest Health Threat – Death by Doctor Not Vaccine Hesitation

  • Biggest Health Threat - Death by Doctor Not Vaccine Hesitation

    It’s time to stop this.

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Biggest Health Threat

Death by Doctor Not Vaccine Hesitation

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The Number One Cause Of Death in the USA is Death by Doctor

The Number One Cause Of Death in the USA is Death by Doctor

Big pharma’s scare tactics fueled by the corrupt World Health Organization powered by profit-hungry elitists create this propaganda. It’s all part of the brainwashing of the masses to keep the pharma for-profit businesses going strong. The profit before patient’s industry information is readily available, and so is the truth— if you did deep enough.

These are harsh words, but we would like to help collectively awaken the masses to persuade everyone to focus on gathering facts and put a picture together of what is really happening. Mainstream media is owned by big pharma, so you will not get any facts there. You will get nothing but manipulating propaganda to promote their agenda that does not have your best interest in mind. They pummel you with biased information covered in the pretense that they are protecting public health. Take it upon yourself to read the science and investigate what we tell you because we are on our way to full-blown corporate control, and we all need to be awake. We currently have over 1000 links to published papers, and we are brand new here—dig through the science.

It is time that we stand up and get mad as hell! They have conditioned us to sit in our living rooms watching TV, sitting idly by thinking there is nothing that we can do while they slowly kill us amid the lunacy as they steal our minds and plan to steal our bodies with forced vaccination.

Defining medical error

We don’t even know for sure how many more deaths were not classified correctly. Understanding the big businesses and the deception we have come to know, these numbers could be, and we believe are much higher.

A lack of standardized nomenclature and the use of multiple and overlapping definitions of the medical error have hindered data synthesis, analysis, collaborative work, and evaluation of the impact of healthcare delivery changes.

In today’s news, we were delighted to see that Iowa is considering making it easier for parents not to vaccinate. We support the movement to have this in every state in the nation. Under any circumstances, parents should never be forced to put preservatives, adjuvants, formaldehyde, and mercury into their children’s bodies. There is an abundance of documented science linking vaccination to autism, auto-immune diseases, allergies, and cognitive impairment. Big pharma spends billions flooding the information sector with their deceptive marketing to keep you from finding the real truth. Again we urge you to keep digging.

We never believe what we hear. We find the facts and then make our judgments. We do not come to any conclusions without digging deep and getting evidence on both sides. Many of our articles show you factual information that proves big pharma shows you deceptive information and bombarding you with it. We show you the information they try to keep from all of us.

Here is an article about aluminum passing the blood-brain barrier. And some info on the toxicity of the flu shot. If you disagree, then you, of course, can be free to follow the system of medicine that kills more of us than anything else, including cancer and heart disease. You are free to take toxic medications and see big pharma trained doctors, and we should be free not to.

Autism in New Jersey is now 1 in 34. We should be outraged over this and pounding down some doors to get answers, not pushing vaccinations. If you believe they are safe and effective, take a more in-depth look into the vaccine court and the payouts to the vaccine-injured children. So big pharma has said verbally in media and print probably over a million times that vaccines are safe and effective. Then why have they paid out almost four billion dollars in damage for vaccine deaths and injuries? This number would be off the charts if there were not many restrictions on the court that was created to protect big pharma from correct liability. If it were a fair, just system, big pharma would be bankrupt. That is why they created the laws to protect them from liability. They would be out of business if they were not in place since it is estimated that only 1-10% come forward or qualify for vaccine court.

In 2009, there were nearly 4.6 million drug-related visits to U.S. emergency rooms nationwide, with more than half due to adverse reactions to prescription medications – most of which were being taken exactly as prescribed.

The best way to stay alive and well is to avoid the doctors and the hospitals unless necessary. Now we have Candida Auris to add into the picture, and you will soon see numbers that you will not believe when they finally let the truth out. That is “if” they ever disclose the real numbers when they are no longer to keep this deadly fungus a secret to protect the hospitals and nursing home profits. Of course, that is more important than human life. Profits come first.

Defining Medical Error –

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