Buying Votes – Big Industry, Big Telecom, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture

Buying Votes – Big Industry, Big Telecom, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture

How do Big Businesses get away harming us?

3.5 Billion $ explains it – Under construction – out gathering FACTS

How do they get away with manufacturing and distributing protects that cause a great health hazard and can be lethal?

Four of the top seven associations on the list of top spenders on lobbying in 2017 were health industry groups such as Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and Blue Cross Blue Shield, which spent over $20 million each.

The total spending by groups included in the tally marks a near $200 million increase over 2016’s total. It is the highest amount spent on lobbying in the tally since 2010, which hit over $3.5 billion.

Fraud and Deception by Big Telecom

Two leading EMF and health experts, Professor Ross Adey and Dr. Henry Lai (link removed by the source), revealed in May 1999 that multi-national companies had tried to influence their research results. Professor Adey, a biologist, said he had had his funding withdrawn by Motorola before completing his research, which showed that mobile phone emissions affected the number of brain tumors in animals. Professor Lai, who has been studying the biological effects of electromagnetic fields for over 20 years, was asked three times to change his findings on how such fields caused DNA strand breaks in rats. Dr. Jerry Phillips’ work, supporting Professor Lai’s experiments, led to his contract with Motorola being terminated when he published his results.

Studies have shown that microwave radiation can damage reproductive systems, impact the immune system, alter brain functioning, and may increase cancer risk.

Pollution caused by the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radio frequencies (RF) generated by the telecommunication system is one of the greatest environmental problems of the twentieth century.  The purpose of this research was to verify the existence of a spatial correlation between base station (BS) clusters and cases of deaths by neoplasia in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil, from 1996 to 2006 and to measure the human exposure levels to EMF where there is a major concentration of cellular telephone transmitter antennas.

Mortality by neoplasia and cellular telephone base stations in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil 

7191 deaths by neoplasia, (cancer deaths) occurred and within an area of 500 m from the BS, the mortality rate was 34.76 per 10,000 inhabitants. Outside of this area, a decrease in the number of deaths by neoplasia occurred.

From a study examining the source of funding and its effects on the outcome of the results of the Study.

Studies funded exclusively by industry reported the largest number of outcomes, but were least likely to report a statistically significant result: The odds ratio was 0.11 (95% confidence interval, 0.02-0.78), compared with studies funded by public agencies or charities.

Here is an example: Your new in the business. A big telecom company funds a study for your company. They give you one million dollars. They tell you this is just the first of many studies. They want to show there are no or very minimal health effects from EMF. Your completed study shows a major health effect. If you change your study design, methodologic quality, and other study characteristics this result will be greatly minimized or disappear from your results. If you show that this major health effect, we will call it cancer, is caused by EMF exposure from their product you will not be hired to complete a study in the future. You just made a $400,000 profit on this one study and they offered you the possibility of 4 more studies to follow. What do you do??

Telephone Utilities:  Top Recipients

With the 5G rollout underway that was done while people are sleeping and the laws in place to protect big telecom, we wanted to see how they bought their votes to a product that is going to cause massive health issues to millions of people.

Top Recipients

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