Cholesterol is a Scam – Statins are Toxic – An Invented Disease

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Your body needs cholesterol to manufacture vitamin D from the sun. Lower vitamin D levels are associated with a plethora of diseases.

For more than sixty years the big-pharma propaganda brainwashing machine has told us repeatedly that cholesterol; is bad and causes heart disease. Did big pharma lie to us? Let’s explore.

In 1957, the late biochemist Fred Kummerow linked trans fats to heart disease, showing that it was NOT saturated fats that caused it. Unfortunately, his research was what seems to be pushed to the side when Ancel Keys’ Seven Countries Study linked saturated fat to heart disease came to the forefront.

In 1973, the saturated fat caused heart disease theory was created.  Other studies over the years have concluded that this is a myth. Reanalysis of this Key’s research showed that they picked and chose which part of the study to use to push the new heart disease cause upon us. Meanwhile, the processed foods industry was booming by now. Which, of course, is one of the real reasons for heart disease. The sugar industry has since profited in the billions, or is it trillions? Regardless of the profits, this unsubstantiated study took the limelight off of the processed foods and sugar industry. Back then, No one looked at the real cause of heart disease–processed foods. This was all a distraction from the truth.

In the past several decades new research has come out showing Key’s study to be debunked.  Interestingly, the obesity epidemic started when the guidelines to eat less fat were introduced. The diabetes epidemic began shortly after that.