Cursing is Vulgar and Disgusting and Makes You Look Like Trash

    Cursing is vulgar and disgusting and makes you look like trash— or does it?

    Using the F-bomb makes you look like low-class trash, or does it?

    A perspective from one side of the story. One which still holds true for many but not all. And the Science Behind it all.

    Do you use the F-bomb when you pick up your children from school? Do you use it with your children’s school principal? Do you use it in your parent-teacher conferences? Do you use it at work? Then why do you use it around me? Because you are not giving me the respect I deserve, and I know it; therefore, out the door, you go.

    Research suggests that people who swear are perceived to be disagreeable and impulsive, as well as crude and uncultured and distasteful.

    We have unique personalities and send off signals that others pick up on. Using the F-word is often perceived in a very negative way. Although some may use it to appear more powerful or more in control, it provokes a stress response. And who wants stress? Our bodies have enough of it. You may be a believer in using this language, but you might want to take a minute to see how you are perceived by others while using it. We already assume you will be angry and curse back at us and say you do not care, only using that word somewhere in there. That is generally how many perceive F-bomb droppers. It may not get you too far in certain situations.

    The F-bomb can provoke a fight or flight response in some people. 

    The results of the study Swearing, Euphemisms, and Linguistic Relativity are clear-cut and perhaps unsurprising; people find it more stressful to say aloud a swear word than its corresponding euphemism.

    We, or many of us often judge vulgarians very harshly. We sometimes put them in a category of lower socio-intellectual status, view them as less friendly, and label them with a less educated status. Much of this done on an unconscious level but if a person uses the F-bomb sometimes—they conciously put you in that category.

    It is incredibly self-centered to F-bomb Drop.

    It shows how much you do not care about other people when you f-bomb drop. It makes you rude and obnoxious when you could care less if it bothers someone. Not only are you making yourself look bad, but you are also alienating someone from you. Suppose you do not care about that person and want to appear to have this type of character F-bomb drop away. We already view F-bomb droppers as not caring. Some even have some fear of you. But that may be what you want.

    We view people who F-bomb drop as less likely to care about anyone’s feelings, having less impulse control, more explosive and we are a little more afraid of them.

    Why so harsh? Because I just read something filled with the F-word, or should I say started to read it. I deleted the person from my friend list. That is how some people view your use of the F-word. It is vulgar, insulting, obnoxious, and you are arrogant and selfish if you use it. It causes a stress response in many people. It is not calming and relaxing, the state we like to be in as much as possible. Do you go up to your meditation instructor and start F-bombing? They would walk you right out of the door. Using the F-bomb when a person is in a peaceful, tranquil, serene state of mind can quickly turn that state into a stressed state, and that may be why they walk away from you.

    The F-bomb can provoke a fight or flight response in some people. 

    Why do you think they call the F-word obscene and offensive language?

    An obscenity is any utterance or act that strongly offends the prevalent morality of the time.

    Some other definitions of obscene are:

    repugnant, indecentsalacioussmutty, rudedirtyfilthyvulgarfoulcrudegrossvilenastydisgustingoffensive, shamelessimmoralimproperimmodestimpureindecorous.

    Do you think it makes you look cool? Because it absolutely does not.

    When you think you get respect from using the F-word, your moral compass needs to go in for repair. Many find the word repulsive. Some people cringe when they hear the F-word. Some people will walk away from you, and most will never tell you why, maybe because they fear the f-bomb dropper’s response.

    Most people do not realize how often they use the word unless it is pointed out. Years ago, I had a habit of saying, Jesus Christ. A new friend found it very offensive, so I decided to stop using it in his presence. In the beginning, he would say, you just used it again. I would tell him I did not realize I said it. I continued my efforts, and with his help, that has been removed from my vocabulary.

    The Science Behind Why You Look So Bad When Swearing

    Frankly, We Do Give a Damn: The Relationship Between Profanity and Honesty

    As dishonesty and profanity are both considered deviant and immoral, they are generally perceived as a reflection of a disregard for societal normative expectations, low moral standards, lack of self-control, or negative emotions.

    In this regard, profanity appears to be positively related to dishonesty, explaining why people who swear are perceived as untrustworthy and why swear words are often associated with deceit. Previous work has also linked the use of swear words to the dark triad personality traits—namely, narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy—all indicative of social deviance and a higher propensity for dishonesty. Swearing has also been shown to hold a negative relationship with the personality traits of conscientiousness and agreeableness, which are considered the more socially aware and moral aspects of personality. (Kalshoven, Den Hartog, & De Hoogh, 2011Mehl, Gosling, & Pennebaker, 2006Walumbwa & Schaubroeck, 2009).

    You think it is acceptable in society, but it is not.

    You watch way too much Television, the uncensored kind. On non-paid mainstream tv, you will not in this lifetime find an F-bomb. Using the F-bomb and foul language on television is illegal. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with what I am telling you. Rude, disgusting, insulting, vulgar language is not allowed for a reason. You will find articles that will tell how great it is to use profanity. It is a free-thinking world today. Stop and ask yourself if you want to continue believing everything you read or do you want to dig into it further for the real truth. That is what we are all about here. Yes, you absolutely have the right to choose to use this language. You have to believe the right people who use the F-bomb are more intelligent and look for peer-reviewed studies. So far, it is a free world.

    Profanity makes you sound ignorant, and it assumes your readers are ignorant too.

    Your English language command may not be that fabulous if you cannot express yourself without using profanity. When you use it, you offend the other person and alienate them at the same time. You hurt them when you talk at them with this language. Yes, at them, not to them. If you were talking to them, you would speak in a mature, respectful manner. Using the F-bomb is the farthest thing from mature or respectful.

    Is the Stress Response to the F-bomb a Learned Response?

    Some say the sympathetic stress reaction to the F-bomb is a learned response from childhood.  Did you ever use the F-word and get hit with your mother’s slipper?  But then there are others who used the F-bomb for many younger years, matured, stopped using it and now hate it.

    Never Under Any Circumstances Use it in Writing

    The second I read the F-word in any copy anywhere, I immediately close it down. Not only does it make the writer look uneducated, but it also destroys the writers’ credibility. Once you start putting vulgar, offensive language out there in your writings, you cannot take it back. You will have a reputation, and it will be tough to change if you ever decide to get some class and stop being so offensive to people.


    You should really stop for a minute and think about how many people you have offended or alienated. You might be a good person who has a mouth like a truck driver, as they used to say, but people will not give you a chance. You cause them stress by the language you use so, off they go.  Dropping the F-bomb every other word limits your friends and acquaintances. Some people will flat out not tolerate it. Yes, some seem to enjoy it, but how are those people perceived?

    You should know…

    If you are an F-bomb dropper, it is not too late to change. If you start now, it will take about a month to break the habit. If you have people around you remind you that you f-bombed, you will see how you are unconsciously doing it. People will forget what horrible, reprehensible language used to come out of your mouth and look at you in a whole new light after some time passes.

    But as the science states, there is a good chance you do not care and want to keep f-bombing away. It is a free world, so f-bomb all you like. We just wanted to give the f-bomb dropper something to think about.


    Good luck to you changing your ways to better yourself.

    Call us in thirty days. 🙂