Factual Information about Health will be Censored as Fake News.

Big business and big pharma are taking over what it is you can see and read. They have bought and controlled the internet. They are brainwashing you with their propaganda while they brand our truth articles as untrustworthy.

News guard technologies can cite false news and misinformation to protect you from the news they think will harm you. False information can deliberately be disguised as fact, but they can also

The government recommended commercial products forged by the pharmaceutical industry political agendas

National Vaccine Information Center – Protect the ethical principle.

We give a voice to the people who believe in human rights and the ability to choose. Vaccines do cause injury and death.

DPT “Vaccine Roulette 1982 – NBC blew the whistle on the pharmaceutical neglect and the safety of vaccines.

1985 – DPT A Shot in the Dark

1986 – FDA license and CDC approved vaccines can harm

Have awarded 4 billion dollars in compensation who have suffered an injury or died  being after given a vaccine

1991-2103 National Academy of Science published a series of reports that- confirm can cause brain and immune system disorders.


U.S. Government recommends 69 doses of 16 vaccines which 50 given before the age of six which are mandated.

You can lose a job or not get allowed into school if you do not get a vaccine.

NBIC Pinterest account recently suspended – Take action against accounts who give harmful or disinformation campaigns for has immediate or detrimental health which included antivaccination advise. They rely on the WHO and CDC for the guidelines.

57 billion $ by 2025

The New Internet Police – Who should have the power to take away our information where we can research to find facts to make our decisions. They affect our Freedom of Thought. Big business and big pharma have bought and paid for this ability to keep people brainwashed.

Download and keep the information you would like to save to pass on in the future because the way it is going with the censorship this information will not be available.