How to Avoid Mind Control – Brainwashing of the Masses

  • How to Avoid Mind Control & The Brainwashing of the Masses

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How to Avoid Mind Control – Brainwashing of the Masses Under Construction

Both brainwashing techniques and mind control methods are used in totalitarian states, in cults, in relationships, by the media for advertising and governments, all with an agenda, in an attempt to make you believe what they want you to believe. In fact, brainwashing or mind control is prevalent everywhere, from AA to a grief group to tv advertising to the narcissistic relationship.

Today I saw a meme on Facebook; yes, I have been brainwashing Facebook after losing my Mom. A meme said, you will never heal, your pain will never go away, it will always be there, but you will learn to live with it. That negative, brainwashing horrendous saying infuriates me. I feel as if I need to detox from the negativity; hence, this article.

Can you imagine your loved one who you just lost floating above you saying down to you, “You will never heal, and your pain will never go away”? Can you imagine telling your son or daughter who just lost a parent saying this to them? Why on earth do they all say this? I find those words abusive. Because it was said to them repeatedly, this came from a grief group in Red Bank, N.J. I went there once, and now I will never go back. That was their 2nd meme with those words.

The absolute worst new line I have heard over and over and over and over and over is “this is the new normal” Arghhhh!!!! Stop it!! Come on, people, think for yourself. This will never, ever be normal in my life. I am not “normally” going to walk around breaking out into tears.  Here is the truth; I am healing, I am getting better each day, the pain is easing, my heart is healing, I am getting through this, and I now focus on the fact that my Mom is sending me clear messages wants me to be happy. And I heard her say you damn well better start focusing on it. Mom does not; I repeat NOT want anyone telling me those horrifying words that I will now vow never to repeat. What you focus on is what becomes.

Milk does a body good. We have heard it for what? Fifty years depending on our age? It is a flat our 100% lie. Did you know that? The information age is bringing the truth to light in almost every subject. If you research milk, you will find it contains casein, a cancer causer. We can prove to you milk is not good for the body. We encourage you to do your research. That is one of the ways to protect yourself against the puppet master elitist and their attempt to control the masses.

We are not referencing severe mind control through torture, stress, and pain; we use the term losing discussing everyday mind control, such as the is old commercial.  Fill in the blank. Calgon___________! I have to admit. All these years later, I want to stop my article and soak in a hot tub. I do that every day anyway, so I am more susceptible to this. Since I grew up on this commercial, here is an epiphany: do you think I take a hot tub every day, especially to relieve stress because of the commercial? I rarely take showers and prefer baths. Of course, I used Calgon for years. Today I soak in an Epsom salt bath every time I bathe. I wonder if I have been severely brainwashed? I will have to meditate on that.

Do not listen to or repeat cliches – Question them. Here is a concept. Be unique. Say it in your own words.

We hate cliches here. We try our best not to use them. They are part of the brainwashing. The repeating of the phrases does affect you. If someone you know repeats something several times, you are more likely to believe what they are saying. We like to tell everyone not to believe anything—question everything. We mean almost every single thing you understand.

The worst abusers of cliches to alter your thinking can be found in The Alcoholics Anonymous Program. They are experts in cliches, repetition, and brainwashing. The entire program is based on these principles, although they will tell you they are based on something else. They are taught to believe that if you do not continually go to meetings, you will drink, and you will die. This is absolutely not true. They also tell you that if the program is not working, you are not working it. They mean it is your fault it is not working. Not AA’s fault when, in fact, AA is less than 5% effective in the continued abstinence of alcohol.

If you start to think outside of what AA wants you to believe, they will criticize you and use their brainwashed phrases against you, such as dry drunk; you are twelve steppings,s or your disease talking.  They continually say things such as one day at a time, fake it till you make it, and I can go on during my drinking career. I know of no other group more brainwashed to believe they absolutely must rely on the group to stay sober or clean (NA) than any other group.

They convince you that your will is no good. You have no control over your drinking. They tell you repeatedly that you must surrender to your higher power. They tell you that it is not a religious-based program yet; they continually use the world, God, over and over.  Yes, they repeat themselves. Over and over and over.

How to Avoid Mind Control – Brainwashing of the Masses

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable. Powerless? Really? They make you say this at every meeting.

Step 2: We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.  So we are not able to do it? Again, they say the twelve steps at every meeting. In the beginning, you are supposed to do 90 meetings in 90 days. You have this embedded so deep in your brain; it will never come out—kind of like the Calgon commercial.

Step 3: We decided to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand him.  Wait a minute. You just told me that this is not a religious group. I told you I flat out hate reference to God. I do not believe in God. Then they tell you that is what your problem is. But again, not a religious group. And they always blame you, not the program. 

I won’t turn the article into an AA article, but it is a perfect example of brainwashing. They say these same things every time you turn around. Every person I know in the program uses the phrases throughout their lives.  Easy does it, First things first, Live and let live, But for the Grace of God, Let go and let God, and the list goes on and on. And again, not a religious group? They slap a label on you, one you keep for life and make you define yourself as “an alcoholic who will never recover.” They make you repeat over and over that you are an alcoholic and convince you that there is no recovery.

They will tell you this is the only way to sobriety, yet the science shows it is extremely ineffective in keeping a person sober.  The brainwashed AA’er will tell you that the only way they are staying sober is due to the program, yet, the chance of staying sober is about the same as spontaneous remission. But you can’t fight with them. This information is embedded very far into their brain.

Some studies say people who go to AA meetings stay sober longer, but the people in the AA meeting already have a high desire to stay sober in the first place. Self-selection bias arises in any situation in which individuals select themselves into a group, causing a biased sample with nonprobability sampling.  Some studies show that AA has a negative effect; some say a positive 5% effect; some say higher numbers. But again, this about brainwashing, not the effectiveness of AA. But to conclude on that part, if the drunk stays sober and the addict stays clean, then the 5% of those it works for is overall a good thing. The sad part is they think they have to keep going for years, and they do not.

TV is the main instrument used by the Puppet Masters to brainwash you.

Turn off the TV or at least avoid all commercials, especially the big pharma ones. If you haven’t noticed, 40% of all of your commercials are big pharma commercials. I am a vegetarian. The other day I watched TV for a short while. I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally watched a commercial showing spare ribs, baked potatoes, and apple pie. I said to myself, oh, I think I will go out for spare ribs, oh, that’s right, I am a vegetarian, all in the same sentence. It took a few seconds to remember that I do not eat meat.

The puppet masters own all of the mainstream media. They control and manipulate the masses by what they allow you to see. If you pay close attention, they actually repeat things beyond ludicrous, but because some hear it repeatedly, they believe it. Many do not question things and blindly follow. They are generally known as sheeple. Insulting but possibly fitting.

Cult Leaders and Religion is a Form of Brainwashing

What would you know if no one ever told you about your religion? Absolutely nothing.

How to Un-brainwash Yourself

Look at things again with an open mind.

What would you know if no one ever told you about your religion? Absolutely nothing. Wipe your slate clean. Look at each subject with an unbiased opinion. Gather your facts and then make a new decision. Although hard to look at something you were biased about with an unbiased viewpoint, if you put some effort into it and do your best to keep your mind open to new information and stop yourself every time you “want” to believe your old point of view. What we look for, we will see. Try not to look for anything other than facts.

Get in touch with your gut instinct.

Try to learn to pay attention to what your body is telling you. We all have a sixth sense, but only some of us are in touch with it. Don’t blindly dismiss what your gut is telling you. You can even go as far as developing your sixth sense and learning how to use it if you choose to but for the minimum, pay attention to it.

Avoid labels, cliches, and defining one’s self.

Do not define yourself as an alcoholic or drug addict. There is a small part of your many components that society wants to focus on and label you. Refuse to that. Do not label yourself ADD, ADHD (we don’t believe they exist in the first place) but putting a label on yourself or your disease manifests it to make it so. What you focus on is what becomes. Dr. Gary Null did an experiment where no one was allowed to treat, discuss, or address their disease for a certain period of time and the disease disappeared.