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Merck’s Mumps Vaccine Could be a Fraud – Falsifying Test Results?

Where is the mainstream media on this? It is a crucial time amidst the biggest vaccination debate of all time when states are trying to pass legislation to mandate vaccines without informed consent? 70% of mainstream media advertising comes from the pharmaceutical industry. They will not cover this story.

No mainstream media reported that in 2014 a Pennsylvania federal judge ruled in favor of whistleblowers, former virologists with Merck, Stephen Krahling, and Joan Wlochowski. They have accused Merck of lying about the efficacy of its mumps vaccine. The complaint was recently unsealed. 

Merck was sued by their former virologists who claimed that they “witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged in to inflate the vaccine’s efficacy findings artificially.” Line 2 of the Introduction says,

“Specifically, in an effort to maintain its Food and Drug Agiminstraions approve and exclusive licenses to sell the vaccine, Merck has used improper testing techniques and falsified test data to fabricate a vaccine efficacy rate of 95 percent or higher.”

The complaint says the two former virologists were pressured to participate in the fraud and the cover-up by supervisors and management. They were involved in the testing and witnessed the manipulation of the results.

The United States is the largest purchaser of Merck’s Mumps vaccine, and the alleged fraud dates back to 1999. Merck has sold over 450 million doses worldwide and over 200 million in the United States and sold seven million yearly.  Merck’s original vaccine was created more than forty years ago. The complaint says that they were not testing on the “wild virus” that most would be exposed to in real life. Instead, they tested children’s blood against the same strain that the children were vaccinated for, therefore overstating the real effectiveness rate. The seroconversion rate was only 79.5%

The complaint states they abandoned the gold standard in the test that they named Protocol 007 and came up with a new one, which had an objective to find a measurement that permits >95% efficacy. It says they added rabbit antibodies in pre and post-vaccination tests to enhance the results, and when doing this, they achieved 100 efficacy. In real life, rabbit antibodies added to the vaccination would cause severe illness and even death. It is not uncommon to use these antibodies in testing but not how they used them to skew the results, the filing alleges.

Krahling brought the falsifying of test results to the attention of management. When he said he would go to the FDA, he was told that he would go to jail if he did. The next day they destroyed all of the evidence of the testing. Krahling called the FDA even though he was threatened with jail time. The complaint alleges that when the FDA came in to investigate, they took approximately a half-hour, and they did not speak to the staff, but only two supervisors who were the ones who covered it up. Krahling was barred from the testing process and offered a transfer, which he refused, and left the company. Wlochowski worked in the lab until a transfer in Sept 2001 and then left the company.

According to the filing, “significant bonuses were given.” Emilio Emini, V.P of Merck’s Vaccine Research Division, had promised those participating in the “enhanced” testing scheme huge bonuses for the work already completed and double bonuses once completed.

Is this Why the Mumps Vaccine Fails?

Of course, you will see damage control over this if the final verdict is in favor of the whistleblowers. And what exactly is taking so long? You will most likely look at the headlines (not mainstream, they won’t cover this), blaming the anti-vaccination movement somehow. They will twist it, turn in, and manipulate it to shape the masses’ thinking if the whistleblowers win the case. Since the pharmaceutical industry owns the mainstream, it’s possible they will get their advertising army on the internet to start adding in things, opinions, points of view that will lead your mind in a particular direction — one which is away from the fact that a pharmaceutical company could have done anything wrong. I wonder if the smear campaign against the two whistleblowers has started?

In 2006 there were 6,500 cases of mumps among a mostly vaccinated group.

In August 2010, more than 3,700 cases were reported in mostly vaccinated people.

Could this be because the allegations are correct? The Mumps Vaccine is not what they say it is?

Between January 1, 2016–April 21, 2018, 13,348 mumps cases (n = 6,369 in 2016, n = 6,056 in 2017 and n = 923 in 2018) were reported to NNDSS

But this source has different numbers?

  • In 2016-17, a large outbreak in a close-knit community in northwest Arkansas resulted in nearly 3,000 cases.
  • In 2015-16*, outbreaks were reported from several university campuses, including some smaller outbreaks with limited spread. The two largest outbreaks were from Iowa and Illinois, each involving several hundred university students; both held wide-scale vaccination campaigns.
  • In 2014, several outbreaks affiliated with universities were reported from multiple states, including one community outbreak in Ohio linked to a university that involved over 400 people and an outbreak affecting the National Hockey League.
  • In 2011-2013, several smaller mumps outbreaks were reported on college campuses in California, Virginia, and Maryland. However, these all had limited spread, and national case counts were at several hundred cases per year.
  • From 2009 to 2010, two large outbreaks occurred.
    • One multi-year outbreak involved over 3,000 people and mostly affected high school-aged students who were part of a close-knit religious community in New York City and attended schools where they had very close contact. The outbreak started when an infected student in this religious community returned from the United Kingdom, where a large mumps outbreak occurred.
    • The second outbreak involved about 500 people, mostly school-aged children, in the U.S. Territory of Guam.
  • In 2006, the United States experienced a multi-state mumps outbreak involving more than 6,500 reported cases. This resurgence predominantly affected college-aged students living in the Midwest, with outbreaks occurring on many different Midwestern college campuses.

More Lawsuits Against Merck

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Merck & Co. Inc. by pediatricians alleging the pharmaceutical company used its monopoly in essential vaccines to drive prices up unlawfully on the rotavirus vaccine. This is a vaccine that most children aren’t required to get.

There are numerous complaints about drugmakers selling medications through bundled discounts. They then penalize those who do not purchase the entire bundle.

Sugartown Pediatrics LLC sued Merck in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. It alleges entities overpaid for the rotavirus vaccine. The complaint said Merck used it’s “monopoly power in multiple pediatric vaccine markets to maintain its monopoly power in the Rotavirus Vaccine Market.”

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