Monsanto Emails Prove Pure Fraud and Deception

See the email image below and how they want to “Beat the Shit” out of them.  And yes, they are talking about Moms Across America.  We link below to Monsanto’s internal emails that are now public documents due to one of just many lawsuits against this unethical manufacturer of what the courts have found to be a cancer-causing product – Roundup.

They have a team that discredits and beats up those who oppose them. Monsanto staff discusses how they want to “Beat Up,” a group of moms who were rightfully concerned about their poisonous pesticides’ health effects. You can read them all for yourself.

They can no longer hide the fact that this pesticide is toxic and making us sick.


The emails were obtained from discovery in the litigation against Bayer, Monsanto’s parent company, over Roundup. So far, three verdicts came in and found that Roundup caused cancer in people. The last time we checked, 18,000 suits had been filed.  We can only hope these suits put Monsteranto out of business forever.


Monsanto to “Beat the Shit” Out of a Group of Mothers.


An Open Letter to Hugh Grant, Monsanto Board Members, and Staff

This email is from Mom’s Across America to Monsanto expressing their concern for their children’s health. Here is what they wrote.

• We see that our children fare worse health-wise than children from other countries. The difference is that 80% of our food contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs). (1)

  • Today, 1 out of 3 American children are overweight or obese since GMOs have been introduced. (2)

 • 1 out of 3 American children now have Allergies, Autism/ADHD, Asthma, or Auto-Immune Disorders. (3).

 • We Moms see firsthand that when we take our children off GMOs and feed them organic food, their symptoms either disappear or dramatically improve. (4)

Monsanto’s Staff Response:  “Beating the shit out of them”.

Monsanto’s staff then wrote emails in response to this letter by talking about “beating the shit” out of them.

When science is not on your side, your only argument is to discredit the opponent some other way rather than stating facts that prove your point. You “beat the shit” out of people when you have no facts and no point.

In the emails, a Monsanto staff member, Goldstein, wrote that they were making “a pretty nasty looking set of allegations” and that he had been “arguing for a week to beat the shit out of them.” At the time, Bruce Chassy, a professor at the University of Illinois, also agree with the attack.

The other consultant – Wayne Parrot, disagreed. He wanted to beat up on the organic industry.

“You can’t beat up mothers, even if they are dumb mothers but you can beat up the organic industry,” which he falsely claimed “paid for and wrote that letter.” -Wayne Parrot

beat the shit out of them monsanto

Further information about Moms Across America and numerous studies can be found on our website

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