New Vaccine Adjuvants Have Never Been Tested for Safety

  • New Vaccine Adjuvant Not Available for Safety Testing

    And you believe they are safe and effective? Based on what?

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New Vaccine Adjuvant Not Available for Safety Testing

Leading aluminum researcher, Professor Chris Exley, who has studied aluminum for over 30 years writes,

“Unfortunately Merck, the manufacturer of this adjuvant, has not made it available for any independent analyses, never mind safety testing.”

Adjuvants work by stimulating the immune system to react. Aluminum is a neurotoxin that is used to aggravate a response in the body. When aluminum is injected into the bloodstream, it builds up over time and can travel to the brain. Exley continues,

“It is undeniable that a small proportion of individuals receiving vaccines which include aluminum adjuvants experience what has been called severe adverse events and such ‘events’ include brain encephalopathies. These severe adverse events are almost certainly caused by aluminum adjuvants.”

Currently, the Connecticut General Assembly is considering SB 858, which would permit prophylactic treatment of minors for sexually transmitted diseases without the consent or knowledge of a parent or guardian. The preventative treatment is the HPV vaccine given to children nine years and up. Both boys and girls without informed consent.

There is also a bill from public health 7199, to mandate HPV vaccine to all children entering 9th grade.

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Safe and effective, you say? How many times have you heard that line in your life that made you believe them? Have you read the science? Did you blindly believe that, or did you research to come to that conclusion? Now they want to put a potentially deadly product in your child’s body without your consent or knowledge?

You cannot say safe and effective when the products are not available for safety testing, and no double-blind placebo trials ever took place. Among other things, the adjuvants are responsible for the adverse reactions to vaccines.

How are we living in the United States and allowing the government to mandate this untested adjuvant be put in your child’s body before they are allowed to attend school? There are religious exemptions and medical exemptions that they are trying to do away with. I just had a conversation with someone who had no idea there were ways to get exemptions in New Jersey.

You have to give them credit for their multibillion-dollar brainwashing propaganda campaign as it is working so well. We must battle back for the truth to be available to the public so the public can make decisions—not based upon pharmaceutical brainwashing propaganda—but based on fact and safety testing. But there again, is no adequate safety testing.

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Aluminum vaccine adjuvants: are they safe?

Tomljenovic L1, Shaw, CA.

Author information


Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin, and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding of their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on the toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. Despite this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have the potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation, and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.

So after reading a few facts, do you still think vaccines are safe and effective? The testing is not done, but the brainwashing of the masses is complete. Just because they say what they say does not make it true. It’s called deception. The industry answers to no one. The pharmaceutical industry owns the media and the government. Continue to some of our other pages to read more documented facts.

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