The Pro-Vaccination Movement is Based on Propaganda, Lies, and Deception

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The Pro-Vaccination Movement is Based on Propaganda, Lies, and Deception

Are You Falling for It? (under construction)

If you are pro-vaccine, our purpose is not to insult you. It’s a strong title for our article, but we will back it up with some facts. Most people do not dig into the truth, and trust organizations that you would think are here to protect us. With the information age upon us, we now know that there is a plethora of deception within the agencies we once trusted blindly. These agencies use psychological manipulation, distort the facts, present evidence in a biased way, and do many things to control what you think. We do not blame anyone for falling for the deception. They have spent multi-millions of dollars on deceptive influences in the name of profits.

MoneyTree, big pharma advertising,

The pharmaceutical industry influences every medical college in the United States; therefore, producing pharmaceutically influenced doctors. Being coerced by the pharmaceutical representative is not enough; their training is done to promote the pharma profits before the people industry. If you haven’t yet noticed, big pharma runs the world.

Seventy plus percent of all advertising in mainstream media comes from pharma, and forty-two percent of all commercials are pharma commercials. The mainstream does not dare to advertise, promote, or report on anything contrary to the pharma industry’s promotion. If they did, they would risk losing their incomes. Their for-profit corporate influence rules the world; hence–the vaccination and medical propaganda industry.

Please keep your mind open, gather more facts, do more investigation, think for yourself without pharma influence, and make your own decisions. We urge you not just blindly believe us. We link to many facts here. Please read the science in the links. The science and facts are on our side, but we ask that you educate yourself. The propaganda of vaccination comes from the corporate cog. Let’s take a look at it and expose it for what it is—deception.

We have been digging for the truth behind vaccinations for over 40 full hours now. We have uncovered quite a bit of fraud and deception for you. There are many more pages and articles for you to read our findings.

Here is the number one central deceptive lie that you hear and read everywhere: Vaccines are safe and effective. Fact: Vaccines are not safe, and they are not effective.  The information is right in front of our eyes if we look for it. Those who do not investigate tend to fall for the propaganda campaign.

You should keep digging. Question everything and follow the links. Read for yourself.

Vaccine Facts:

  1. Both the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court have concluded that government licensed and recommended childhood vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”
    1. As a quid pro quo, manufacturers enjoy significant tort-liability protections. Most importantly, the Act eliminates manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable, adverse side effects. More Resources
  2. The Vaccine Adverse Effects System (VAERS) has paid out over 4.3 Billion dollars to people with adverse vaccine reactions.
  3. The VAERS payouts awarded the 4.3 Billion dollars in response to barely a third (31%) of the filed petitions.
  4. They admitted that as little as 1% of adverse effects are reported or make it to court. There are extremely rigid guidelines, even to be considered getting heard.
  5. For child death reports, 79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day. Inactivated influenza vaccine given alone was most commonly associated with death reports in adults (51.4%)
  6. Infants who received three vaccines simultaneously were statistically and significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die after receiving their vaccines than children who received two vaccines simultaneously.
  7. The Infanrix Hexa, a six-in-one vaccine, killed 36 children in the clinical trial—and injured over 1700, including 503 serious adverse reactions. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  8. In 2017, a prestigious team of international scientists found that the DTP vaccination had a fivefold higher mortality rate in young DTP-vaccinated infants (ages three to five months) compared to as-yet-unvaccinated infants.

Lies and Deception: Mercury has been removed from all vaccines after the CDC recommended it be removed from all vaccines.

Fact: Mercury is still in many vaccines given to you and your children.

Fact: Twenty percent of all flu vaccines contain mercury.

Read About the Toxic Health Effects of Mercury

Injecting Mercury has completely different effects on the body than ingesting it.

HPV Vaccine Facts:

  1. There have been 331 deaths as of October 14, 2018, following the administration of the Gardasil Vaccine.
  2. Some adverse events from the HPV vaccines include lupus, blood clots, inflammation of the brain, seizures, and paralysis, autoimmune disease, anaphylaxis shock, and death. 
  3. Overall, the “rate of reported serious adverse reactions (including deaths) from HPV vaccination” is many times higher than the cervical cancer mortality rate.
  4. There have been 44 deaths from the HPV vaccine in the clinical trials. 
  5. The HPV vaccination has been linked to a newer medical condition termed Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA).
  6. The Japanese government has stopped actively recommending the HPV vaccination due to the reporting of a large number of severe adverse side effects.
  7. India — Judges demand answers after children die in a controversial cancer vaccine trial in India. They alleged that a ‘study’ carried out for the foundation by a US organization was in fact, an illegal drug trial.

Read an open letter to the WHO. Allegations of Scientific Misconduct by GACVS/WHO/CDC Representatives et al

General Lies and Deception

1. Lies and Deception: Vaccines are safe and effective.

Fact: The U.S. court paid out $6 million to Gardasil victims. If vaccines are safe and effective, why are there six million dollars in damages being paid out so far?

Fact:  The Vaccine Courts have paid out over 4.3 billion dollars to victims of vaccine injuries and deaths.

Fact: This is the definition of safe and effective?  Below comes from the CDC website;

Australia associated with a 2010 Southern Hemisphere IIV3 produced by CSL Biotherapies (up to nine febrile seizures per 1,000 doses) (228).

Because of the findings in Australia, ACIP does not recommend the U.S.-licensed CSL Biotherapies’ IIV3, Afluria, for children aged <9 years (Table 1).  Further assessment through a VSD study determined that the increased risk was in children aged six months through 4 years on the day of vaccination to the day after (risk window: Day 0–1). The risk was higher when children received concomitant PCV13 (i.e., when the two vaccines are given at the same health-care visit) and peaked at approximately age 16 months.

The administration of IIV3 on the same day as either PCV or a DTaP-containing vaccine was associated with a greater risk of FS than when IIV3 was given on a separate day.

Adverse events in adults aged ≥18 years reported to VAERS during 1990–2005 were analyzed. The most common adverse events for adults described in 18,245 VAERS reports included injection site reactions, pain, fever, myalgia, and headache. The VAERS review identified no new safety concerns.

Fourteen percent of the IIV3 VAERS reports in adults were classified as serious adverse events (defined as those involving death, life-threatening illness, hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization, or permanent disability [236]), similar to proportions seen in VAERS for other adult vaccines. The most common serious adverse event reported after IIV3 in VAERS in adults was Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) (237). The potential association between IIV3 and GBS is an area of ongoing research (see Guillain-Barré Syndrome and IIV).

Fact: Vaccine administration is the second leading cause of febrile seizures (FS)

Lies and Deception: Rigorous gold standard testing has been done on every vaccine to prove they are safe. The science of vaccine safety is well documented.

Fact:  Unfortunately the prospective controlled trials of vaccines performed for licensure are either too small, too short in duration or inappropriately controlled (use other vaccines as controls) to appropriately study the relationship between vaccines and these epidemics. Furthermore, most epidemiological studies performed after licensure of vaccines suffers from the same deficiencies.

Fact:  The gold standard of clinical trials are double-blind peer-reviewed placebo trials. Not one childhood vaccine was ever tested in this fashion because they are considered biological products under the Public Health Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and, therefore, exempt from this high standard of testing.

Childhood vaccines have never been tested against a placebo.  The deceptive advertising leads you to believe that the  HPV vaccination was tested against a placebo, but when you look at the placebo closely, it contains components of the vaccine. *The ‘saline’ solution consists of water, 9.56 mg sodium chloride, 0.78 mg L-histidine, and 50 micrograms polysorbate-80. Flat out deception. A placebo should have been saline, not components of the vaccine they were testing.

Fact: There have been many cases of accusations of fraud and deception from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Dig for the Truth, menningitis

Lies and Deceptions: People who have been vaccinated cannot get the disease, and they cannot spread the disease.

Fact: Asymptomatic/subclinical infections occur infrequently but may be associated with substantial amounts of viral shedding. Presymptomatic shedding may arise in one-third of cases, and shedding characteristics appear to be independent of (seasonal or pandemic) (sub)type, age, antiviral therapy, or vaccination; however, the power to find moderate differences was limited.

So when you give a vaccine to a person, that person can now spread the disease they were just vaccinated against. It is called shedding. 

Therimosal (ethyl mercury) is a preservative in vaccines.

BioMed Research International.

Fact: There are over 160 peer reviewed studies that document the harmful effects of Thimerosal including autoimmune diseases, neurological problems and death.

Of these, 16 were conducted to specifically examine the effects of Thimerosal on human infants or children with reported outcomes of death; acrodynia; poisoning; allergic reaction; malformations; auto-immune reaction; Well’s syndrome; developmental delay; and neurodevelopmental disorders, including tics, speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder, and autism. In contrast, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that Thimerosal is safe, and there is “no relationship between [T]himerosal[-]containing vaccines and autism rates in children.”

Lies and Deception: Guardasill was tested against a placebo.

Fact: The placebo contained an aluminum(neurotoxic) adjuvant.

A slightly lower proportion of vaccine recipients reported a new medical condition compared with the saline placebo recipients. 29% of vaccine recipients and 31% of  placebo recipients reported a new medical conditions (such as allergy, infection, neurological, musculoskeletal etc.)

Deception: *The ‘saline’ solution consists of water, 9.56mg sodium chloride, 0.78mg L-histidine and 50 micrograms polysorbate-80.

Remember, the saline has some ingredients that the vaccine does, hence causing new medical conditions. Do you think a saline solution would cause 31% of people to have a new medical condition?

*The ‘saline’ solution consists of water, 9.56mg sodium chloride, 0.78mg L-histidine, and 50 micrograms polysorbate-80.

Lies and Deception: Mercury is safe in small doses and even safe for pregnant women to get a flu vaccine known to contain mercury.

Fact: Mercury is harmful to the unborn fetus.

Fact:  Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of an inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Fact: There is an almost eight-fold higher risk of miscarriage among women receiving concurrent pH1N1-containing flu vaccines.

Fact:  Many studies presented to you on Mercury are studies of ingested mercury, not injected mercury.  You cannot compare this to a tuna fish sandwich, but they want you to believe you can.  There is a profound difference between ingesting mercury and injecting it. There is ample evidence that when injected, mercury crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes health consequences. They want to convince you otherwise.

Fact: In 1991, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, an internationally renowned Merck vaccinologist, wrote a memo to the president of Merck’s vaccine division, stating:

“6-month-old children who received their shots on schedule would get a mercury dose up to 87 times higher than guidelines for the maximum daily consumption of mercury from fish. When viewed in this way, the mercury load appears rather large. The key issue is whether thimerosal, in the amount given with the vaccine, does or does not constitute a safety hazard. However, perception of hazard may be equally important.

Lies and Deception: Peer-reviewed science confirms thimerosal is safe.

Lies and Deception: A robust body of peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted in the U.S. and other countries supports thimerosal-containing vaccines’ safety.< (link removed by the source)  The deception is (see below) the documented studies that correlate mercury-containing vaccines with impaired neurological development, including autism. Fact: Thimerosal is still in vaccines.

Fact: According to US state and federal hazardous waste management requirements, any vaccines with this level of thimerosal which are discarded need to be treated as hazardous waste.

Fact: They recommend that they pull mercury-containing thimerosal as soon as possible and want more studies to understand potential health effects. Then why do they say it is safe and have the science that concludes it is safe?

Fact:  Recommending they reduce or eliminate thimerosal.  As a precautionary measure, the Public Health Service (including FDA, National Institutes of Health [NIH], Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] and Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA]) and the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a Joint Statement, urging vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal in vaccines as soon as possible. The U.S. Public Health Service agencies have collaborated with various investigators to initiate further studies to understand better any potential health effects from exposure to thimerosal in vaccines.


Lies and Deception: Most aluminum is absorbed into the blood then excreted from the body.

Here are some facts on injection:

Fact: Once the aluminum is injected, it’s gobbled up by immune cells (macrophages), which act like Trojan horses, allowing the aluminum entry into your brain by carrying it through the blood-brain barrier

Fact:  Aluminium is neurotoxic, and the concentrations of aluminum found in these familial AD brains are unlikely to be benign and indeed are highly likely to have contributed to both the onset and the aggressive nature of any ongoing AD in these individuals.

Fact: When you orally ingest aluminum, your body will absorb between 0.2 to 1.5 percent of it. When aluminum is injected into a muscle, your body absorbs 100 percent of it, which is why aluminum-containing vaccines are likely far more dangerous than eating aluminum.  


Formaldehyde Lies and Deception

This information below was taken from a website that spews utterly inaccurate information and posts no links whatsoever to any scientific research.

“Formaldehyde is already present in our blood and cells and the amount from a vaccine is so minuscule that the blood does not even register a difference. There is 120 times more formaldehyde in a pear than in a vaccine.   But small amounts of ingested formaldehyde are not harmful either because the gut breaks it down.”—They have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, yet they put this out there to convince you vaccines are good.


Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of Formaldehyde: A Systematic Review

” The more precise confidence intervals presented here indicate a consistently increased risk for both SAB (Spontaneous Abortion) and all combined pregnancy outcomes.”

“We conclude that human reproductive and developmental toxicities resulting from formaldehyde exposure could potentially be a threat to human health, particularly given its widespread exposure in the general population including its most susceptible members, women of child-bearing age and young children.”

needle, syringe,

The CDC and Conflicting Statements — Lies and Deception

The CDC did a study that concluded there is a higher chance of autism in those who received Thimerosal yet they say there is no correlation between Therimosal and autism. How is this so? Does it have anything to do with the fact that The CDC is governed by people who have a financial interest in the vaccine industry? Let’s explore.

There are over 165 studies on Therimosal that found it to be harmful.  The CDC did a study, and here are the results. <

Thomas M. Verstraeten, R. Davies, D. Gu, F DeStefano — Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccine in the first month of life.

Conclusion: This analysis suggests that high exposure to ethyl mercury from thimerosal-containing vaccines in the first month of life increases the risk of subsequent development of neurologic development impairment, but not of neurologic degenerative or renal impairment. Further confirmatory studies are needed.

Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe

In a study conducted directly by CDC epidemiologists, a 7.6-fold increased risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy was found.

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