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Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Blood pressure is a poor indicator of health, and cholesterol is essential for the body.  If you chemically alter physiology in the body, you will cause problems. Remember, the number one cause of death is death by a doctor. The body is smart. It is self-regulating and more intelligent than any doctor. We have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry that owns the colleges, the media, the doctors, and the politicians. Take a moment to open your mind to the truth.

 When you go to the gym, your blood pressure increases; it lowers when you lie down to sleep. Your blood pressure will vary significantly throughout the day, every day.


Pulse pressure is essential, and blood pressure is not the way to indicate health issues. Your pulse pressure is the difference between the two blood pressure numbers. If your blood pressure is 120/80, your pulse pressure would be 40. Blood pressure changes regularly throughout the day. Your pulse pressure should remain the same.  A pulse pressure of 40 to 60 is considered normal. If this number increases or decreases, then you have a problem. If it stays the same, you are good.

In other countries, the meaning of blood pressure varies. Some have different meanings assigned to different numbers. In England, they check blood pressure every five years. As we said, blood pressure is a poor indicator of health. Therefore, they do not monitor it as we do in the USA.  African Americans and athletes typically show higher blood pressure.


One research study shows that 75% of all people who die of a heart attack have low to normal cholesterol. The countries with the highest amounts of cholesterol have the least amount of heart disease. Cholesterol is not recognized as a problem around the world. Cholesterol does not clog arteries.  A reminder, the leading cause of death is medical care; therefore, what you have been brainwashed to believe to be true, should not always be trusted.

A new study of almost 47,000 people published in the BMJ concluded that statins are not needed for people over 75 who do not have diabetes.

Statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular events and mortality in old and very old adults with and without type 2 diabetes: a retrospective cohort study

Conclusions In participants older than 74 years without type 2 diabetes, statin treatment was not associated with a reduction in atherosclerotic CVD or in all-cause mortality, even when the incidence of atherosclerotic CVD was statistically significantly higher than the risk thresholds proposed for statin use.

Cholesterol rebuilds tissue. Cholesterol is the precursor to everything your adrenals make. It is a precursor to vitamin D. It’s a vital antioxidant and protects us from aging. It is an essential component of serotonin. Cholesterol is critical to our health.  Dementia is a 203 billion dollar a year industry.  Low cholesterol causes dementia. If you take statin drugs, your chance of dementia goes up.

Lowering cholesterol is counterproductive. Too low cholesterol causes infertility, asthma, cancer, and much more.  Low cholesterol is more harmful than high cholesterol.

The benefit of lowering cholesterol is a great benefit to the pharmaceutical profit margins.

We are programmed to believe high cholesterol causes stroke and heart disease. We are programmed to think that high blood pressure causes strokes and heart disease. The truth is high blood pressure medications cause stroke and heart disease.

When the arteries are damaged, the body adapts and raises blood pressure.  High blood pressure is a clue that you have damaged arteries.  Soluble fiber cleans arteries.

Statins Are Toxic and a Scam.

There is an increase in heart disease in those who take statins. Stains cause heart disease. Statins kill and wound people. They call it statincardiomyopathy. The medical establishment is causing a profound disasterous health problem. 

A side effect of statins:  The breakdown of muscle protein degrades into fatal kidney disease. Rhabdomyolysis is not very common but can be extremely serious. It is a significant issue should it happen when someone starts using statins.

Statin Answers

Other drugs taken in conjunction with statins can increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis, so it is important that your doctor know exactly what medications you are on. These include niacin, which some people with high cholesterol take as a supplement and which, when used with statins, can increase the risk. When fibrates are used with statins, the risk for rhabdomyolysis goes up considerably. Some patients with high cholesterol also take a fibrate, and one danger of taking a statin with a fibrate is that the statin does not break down inside the body as fast as it would and consequently builds to a higher concentration. This makes the likelihood of muscle breakdown and rhabdomyolysis increase. Researchers have found a genetic predisposition to rhabdomyolysis risk from statins, which partly explains why certain people get this problem and others don’t. Older patients are also more susceptible.

They cause blood clots and cardiac arrest along with liver damage and nervous system damage, including paralysis.

Statins deplete CoQ10. Deficiency symptoms are: fatigue, muscle soreness and heart failure.

When the arteries are damaged, the body adapts and raises blood pressure.  High blood pressure is a clue that you have damaged arteries.  Soluble fiber cleans arteries.

Aspirin is the 4th leading cause of kidney disease and the fourth deadliest drug in America with no benefit.