Thimerosal is still in Vaccines Against Recommendations

  • About 20% of this seasons flu vaccine will contain Thimerosal

    According to the CDC 2018-2019

    virus, vaccinations are deadly and cause autism
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About 20% of this seasons flu vaccine will contain Thimerosal – The CDC 2018/2019 –

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The high order of toxicity from Thimerosal and its ethylmercury breakdown product has been known and published for decades. Nonetheless, Thimerosal remains in the drug supply, especially in various vaccines manufactured for the United States and globally. The ubiquitous and largely unchecked place of Thimerosal in pharmaceutical products represents a medical crisis in the modern-day. Reforms in the manufacture and the licensing of vaccines and other drugs, which should have been accomplished proactively, had anyone properly assessed their mercury content, must now be conducted, reactively, under significant systemic stress. With no warning, recall, or ban of mercury in vaccines and other drugs as of yet, the victim of this mandated, unwarranted, and massive mercury exposure is still an unsuspecting public and most especially its unborn and newborn children.

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165 peer-reviewed studies link Thimerosal to neurological injuries

Thimerosal is about 50 percent ethyl mercury. Thimerosal exposure has been linked to attention disorders, Tourette syndrome, seizures, misery disorder, epilepsy, narcolepsy, speech delays, language delays, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, heart disorders, neurological disorders, asthma, and allergies.

Link: 165 peer-reviewed scientific studies

Toxic Effects of Mercury on the Cardiovascular and Central Nervous Systems

The results described in this paper indicate that mercury exposure, even at low doses, affects endothelial and cardiovascular function.

Vaccine Injury Table See Illnesses and Time Tables

An estimated 1 to 10 percent of injuries are reported to The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System VAERS – Here is an example of why.

The time period for the first symptom or manifestation of onset or of significant aggravation after vaccine administration.

If you get Anaphylaxis 4 hours and ten minutes after the vaccination, it disqualifies you from vaccine court. There is a stringent guideline that you must follow to qualify to bring suit in vaccine court, a government-funded program that takes the manufacturer’s liability so they do not go bankrupt. As you can see from the chart (in the link above), it isn’t easy to qualify.

XIV. Seasonal influenza vaccines

A. Anaphylaxis ≤4 hours.
B. Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration  ≤48 hours.
C. Vasovagal syncope ≤1 hour.
D. Guillain-Barré Syndrome 3-42 days (not less than 3 days and not more than 42 days)

A CDC Study Linked Autism to Vaccination but All is Quiet on that Front

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that Thimerosal is safe and there is “no relationship between [T]himerosal[-]containing vaccines and autism rates in children.” This is puzzling because, in a study conducted directly by CDC epidemiologists, a 7.6-fold increased risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy was found.

The purpose of this review is to examine these six publications and analyze possible reasons why their published outcomes are so different from the results of investigations by multiple independent research groups over the past 75+ years.

Results: We identified 286 children with degenerative and 3702 with developmental neurologic disorders, and 310 with renal disorders. The relative risk (RR) of developing a neurologic development disorder was 1.8 ( 95% confidence intervals [CI] ::: 1.1-2.8) when comparing the highest exposure group at 1 month of age (cumulative dose> 25 ug) to the unexposed group.

Within this group we also found an elevated risk for the following disorders: autism (RR 7.6, 95% Cl = 1.8-31.5),

non organic sleep disorders (RR 5.0, 95% Cl = 1.6-15.9}, and speech disorders (RR 2.1, 95% (1=1.1-4.0). For the neurologic degenerative and renal disorders group we found no significantly increased risk or a decreased risk.

Conclusion: This analysis suggests that high exposure to ethyl mercury from thimerosal-containing vaccines in the first month of life increases the risk of subsequent development of neurologic development impairment, but not of neurologic degenerative or renal impairment.

“A two-phase study evaluating the relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccine administration and the risk for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in the United States,”


Routine childhood vaccination is an important public health tool to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with infectious diseases, but the present study provides new epidemiological evidence supporting an association between increasing organic-Hg exposure from Thimerosal-containing childhood vaccines and the subsequent risk of an ASD diagnosis.

Conflicts of interest (COIs) cloud vaccine safety research. Sponsors of research have competing interests that may impede the objective study of vaccine side effects. Vaccine manufacturers, health officials, and medical journals may have financial and bureaucratic reasons for not wanting to acknowledge the risks of vaccines.

Autism a Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning

Autism is a syndrome characterized by impairments in social relatedness and communication, repetitive behaviors, abnormal movements, and sensory dysfunction. Recent epidemiological studies suggest that autism may affect 1 in 150 US children. Exposure to mercury can cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions similar to traits defining or associated with autism, and the similarities extend to neuroanatomy, neurotransmitters, and biochemistry. Thimerosal, a preservative added to many vaccines, has become a major source of mercury in children who, within their first two years, may have received a quantity of mercury that exceeds safety guidelines. A review of medical literature and US government data suggests that: (i) many cases of idiopathic autism are induced by early mercury exposure from thimerosal; (ii) this type of autism represents an unrecognized mercurial syndrome; and (iii) genetic and non-genetic factors establish a predisposition whereby thimerosal’s adverse effects occur only in some children.

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Immunization Safety Review: Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (2001)

Chapter: Executive Summary

In June of 2000 The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and the Public Health Service (PHS) in a joint statement called for the rapid removal of thimerosal from vaccines.

They said, “The FDA, manufacturers, and the PHS project that the United States will complete its transition to a secure routine pediatric vaccine supply free of thimerosal as a preservative by the first quarter of 2001.”

They never completed this goal of removing Thimerosal from vaccines by this date. They instead decided to use up the current supply to save money and they did not run out of Thimerosal until 2003

They said they were still safe but why would they request a rapid removal of Thimerosal if they were safe?  We believe it was because they did not want to make any admission. If they did, the lawsuits would be a slam dunk.—And there were many.

The “Open Question” On Vaccines and Autism

In 2008, the late Dr. Bernadine Healy, former head of National Institutes of Health, said on CBS News:

“We can’t dismiss a link between vaccines and autism because we have never studied the children who were fine and who suddenly lost learned skills and regressed into autism following vaccination.”

According to Healy, when she began researching autism and vaccines, she found credible, published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the idea of an association. That seemed to counter what many of her colleagues had been saying for years. She dug a little deeper and was surprised to find that the government has not embarked upon some of the most basic research that could help answer the question of a link.

The more she dug, she says, the more she came to believe the government and medical establishment were intentionally avoiding the question because they were afraid of the answer.

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This law firm appears to be the one to contact if you have a vaccine injury or a medical devise whistleblower case. We have no association with them but we came across their pages with details of the lawsuits and showing the dollar amounts of the awards. It is extremely impressive. It is also more evidence that vaccines are not safe and effective. They list the vaccine and the illness and the dollar amounts awarded with links to the actual cases.


Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS)

GBS happens when the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system. The symptoms of GBS begin anywhere from one day to several weeks after a vaccination.

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Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) 

CIDP is an autoimmune disease similar to GBS, but the effects come on more slowly and typically last longer. CIDP is known to be triggered by the flu shot, DTaP, Hepatitis B, and the MMR vaccines.

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Transverse Myelitis (TM)

This is a neurological disorder that is sometimes triggered by vaccination. It involves inflammation across the spinal cord that can lead to weakness, numbness, and even paralysis.

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Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

ADEM is an acute attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is often the first diagnosis, but ADEM also has symptoms of encephalitis.

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Brachial Neuritis

This adverse reaction causes swelling of the nerves that send signals from the spine to the shoulders, arms, and fingers and leads to muscle weakness and atrophy. Brachial Neuritis is often triggered by the DTaP, Influenza and Hepatitis B vaccines.

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Dermatomyositis or JDM

JDM is an extremely rare condition where the body’s own immune system attacks blood vessels in the skin and muscles. It’s believed JDM is triggered by an external factor, including vaccination.

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Neuromyelitis Optica or Optic Neuritis

NMO is also known as Devic’s Disease and it affects the myelin surrounding the optic nerve and spinal cord. Research shows a possible link between NMO and the Flu vaccine and the HPV vaccine.

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Intussusception & Rotavirus Vaccine

This is a type of intestinal blockage that can cut off blood supply to the intestinal tract. Medical studies have found a link between Intussusception and the rotavirus vaccine.

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Narcolepsy is when people fall asleep suddenly and unexpectedly during the daytime. Research finds a link between the H1N1 flu shot and the disorder.

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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura

ITP is a disorder where the body destroys its own platelets. According to the CDC, there is some concern that the MMR vaccine is associated with an increased incidence of ITP.

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SIRVA – Shoulder Injury Resulting from Vaccine Administration

This complication is shoulder pain caused by the vaccine injection itself.  SIRVA is most common after getting a flu shot because the injection is given near the deltoid muscle.

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