Tracking Candida Auris a deadly fungus

  • Tracking Candida Auris a deadly fungus

    How to protect yourself and your family.

Tracking Candida Auris, a deadly fungus

What is the real health threat of today’s’ day? Candida Auris is. The anti-vaccination movement, which will save many lives and keep people from becoming ill by avoiding them, is not a threat, but this multiple-medication resistant fungus is. This article was written before Covid-19 arrived. Will everyone just forget about Candida Auris, or is it a part of the problem? The advice below for building your natural ability to fight off deadly fungi is also relevant to fighting off the Coronaviruses. 

Candida auris is a fungus that presents a severe global health threat. C. auris causes severe illness and can cause death. Candida auris can remain on people and surfaces for a long time, therefore, spreading quickly.

As of the end of February 2019, most cases have been in and around New York New (309) New Jersey (104), and the Chicago (144) areas but California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Mass, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia have each had cases. The number totals 587 in the USA. But is that number accurate? It is also easily misidentified as other Candida species.

This multiple drug-resistant fungi can cause invasive candidiasis (fungemia) where the bloodstream, internal organs, and the central nervous system, are infected. 30–60% of people with C. auris infections have died according to the CDC. Other sources say 50% of all people who get the bug will die.  Since we well know that organization is corrupt and only has the financial interest of the big businesses in mind we also question these numbers. This is an emerging threat from this superbug.

UPDATE: It is now mid-June 2019 and we have heard absolutely nothing at all about this, no update from the mainstream. We wonder how many cases there are now and are they hiding it from us?  We have zero facts at this point. We are just speculating.

Why has Candida Auris Been Kept a Secret?

You guessed again. Big business is more important than the health of the population, and people will die unnecessary deaths. If they would tell you which hospitals are having outbreaks, you could choose a different hospital avoiding this deadly fungus. That is not important to them-but their profits are.

Hospitals are not required to advise you that they are in the middle of an outbreak! They do not have to disclose to you anything at all—ever.  Their profits and reputation are more important than your life is.

In a nursing home or hospital, they are not allowed to reveal to you that the person who occupied the room prior had any contagious illness. Whether it be bacterial, viral, or a fungus such as this one that stays on surfaces for long periods, this fungus will remain on the curtains, drapes, carpets—everywhere, and they do not have to tell you a thing.

This horrifying law that says they do not have to disclose this information to you is based upon HIPPA rights, so we were told by The Atrium of Hamilton, N.J’s Director. This law makes no sense whatsoever and is nothing more than another way to protect big businesses from losing money. Their profit is more important than your health.

The EPA announced changes to how rooms should be cleaned with a disinfectant in 2017. So it’s 2019. Why are we just hearing about this now when they have been well aware of this? Where is the mainstream?

Why is Candida Auris Drug-Resistant?

Who is mostly to blame? You guessed it—big business, namely pesticide producing companies who create fungicides to use in plants and crops. Just as eating animal foods with antibiotic residues has led to antibiotic resistance; eating produce grown with anti-fungal chemicals led to anti-fungal medication resistance.

We do believe in medicine; we just do not believe in unnecessary, overused, toxic medicines when there is are hidden, suppressed, cheap, non-toxic alternatives. There is no doubt that when needed, although there is a risk with using these drugs, they can be valuable under the right circumstances.

The antibiotic industry is a forty billion dollar a year industry. Even the CDC will admit at least thirty percent of all of the prescriptions are unnecessary. We believe it is much, much higher. Thirty percent is equal to about 40 million prescriptions. We only think these drugs should be used in serious cases when the alternative cures may not be enough.

But regardless of our beliefs, the world is now seeing drug-resistant illnesses, and this one could have world-wide consequences. Do we have to wonder what are they not telling us?

Protection From Superbug Candida Auris

Start Immune Boosting Now. A healthy immune system battles diseases every day of the week. Some people do not get sick from this fungus. If you and your family immune boost, you will live longer, be healthier, avoid diseases, and have an overall healthy good feeling regardless of these superbugs. In other words, it’s excellent for you and your family all the way around.

The first part of immune-boosting is to start on a good quality probiotic. Your gut’s health is critical when battling a candida infection or keeping one at bay.

The fungus is held in check by bacteria or probiotics that live in the intestinal tract. When the beneficial microbes die off due to poor nutrition, processed foods, antibiotics, steroids, and vaccination, the microbiome becomes imbalanced, and candida will grow. So what we need to do is get our gut health as healthy as we can to fight off disease and Candida auris.

Our things to avoid list below all causes leaky gut syndrome as well. If leaky gut syndrome develops, the candida overgrowth leaks through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and colonizes in other tissues in the body, this leads to autoimmune diseases and many other problems, therefore; fixing our guts will help us avoid illness altogether.


This is so sad to say, but we must say it. We know of so many, many people who refuse to change the way they eat even if it would cure their diseases. We as a society have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe it is ok to put things in our bodies that cause us great harm. Food and sugar addiction are extremely powerful addictions, but if you knew your life would depend on beating the addiction, would you at least try?  Eating these toxic products promotes disease and destroys the microbiome, which is imperative to fight C. Auris.

The primary way to immune boost is to avoid processed foods, sugar, vaccines, medications, artificial sweeteners, gluten, wheat, GMO’s, and pesticides.

We have to get these things out of our lives to build our immune system. Then we need to add in the things that create a healthy, defensive microbiome. It may be hard for some to make the entire list immediately, but why not give it a try? Your health depends on it, and this will also cure many other things that ail you like autoimmune diseases.

A balanced microbiome that’s healthy, strong, and well-armed will fight off chronic health problems, inflammatory conditions, heart disease, cancers, and even dementia. So, where do we begin to build our strong army? Feed them greens. They absolutely love greens and plants. They thrive in this environment. Feed your army, and they will grow strong and protect you.

Feed your gut army probiotics and prebiotics. We will list them below. Get a good probiotic supplement and start eliminating the enemies of your army, and you will quickly feel a difference, and your body will be ready for battle.

And immediately ditch the hand sanitizer. That toxic product kills your army. You have good germs on your hands (your army) and harmful bacteria. Hand sanitizer kills the enemy and also ruins the army that protects you from the enemy.  Never under any circumstances, use hand sanitizer. They also contain toxic ingredients. Big business does not care about your health, and again his product use is due to nothing more than the brainwashing of the masses.


Grapefruit Seed Extract:

Grapefruit seed extract treats fungal infections.

Tea Tree Oil:

Externally used as an antifungal, antiviral,  and antibacterial. One of our all-time favorites.


Your whole body needs Iodine.


Found in essential oils.

Caprylic acid:

A fatty acid derived from coconuts


Carrot Juice


Oil of Oregano

Red Thyme Oil




Oregon Grape



Diatomaceous Earth:

Kills yeast and parasites in the intestines.

Undeclyclic Acid:

Years ago it was listed and used as a pharmaceutical antifungal agent. Today, it is found in an over the counter. It has approximately six times the antifungal activity of caprylic acid.

Malic Acid:

Malic acid is found in apple cider vinegar.

Olive Leaf Extract:

Olive leaf extract can kill the fungus and also deter its growth. It also has antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antibacterial properties.

Pau d’arco:

It can be found in a capsule or tea.


Boxy Cleanse

*Yogurt – We don’t recommend it.

Goat milk yogurt is high in probiotics S. thermophilus, Bifidus (Bifidobacterium), and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. We don’t recommend yogurt to be first on your list; they often contain sugars, artificial sweeteners, and dairy also depletes calcium. Yogurt, in general, is terrible for you, but the goat’s milk version is less harmful.

Kefir: *Dairy is not recommended


Blue-Green Algae

Probiotic Foods – Miso

 Miso Soup


 Tempeh: *Not Recommended


 Kombucha Tea

Prebiotic Foods

Non-digestible short-chain fatty acids. These foods help probiotics and keep the army strong.






*Why we do not recommend Tempeh “soy”.

  • Soy contains phytic acid. This reduces the absorption of minerals; calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc
  • Soy increases our need for vitamin D.
  • Soy phytoestrogens disrupt endocrine function. Soy sets the stage for infertility and breast cancer in women.

*Why we do not recommend dairy products.

  • Dairy depletes calcium.
  • Milk contains casein which promotes cancer.


GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT: Grapefruit seed extract treats fungal infections.


TEA TREE OIL: Externally used as an antifungal, antiviral,  and antibacterial. One of our all-time favorites.


D-LIMONENE: Found in essential oils.

CAPRYLIC ACID: a fatty acid derived from coconuts.


OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT: Olive leaf extract can kill the fungus and also deter its growth. It also has antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antibacterial properties.


MALIC ACID: Malic acid is found in apple cider vinegar.

UNDECYLENIC ACID: Years ago, it was listed and used as a pharmaceutical antifungal agent. Today, it can be found in an over the counter. It has approximately six times the antifungal activity of caprylic acid.

PAU D’ARCO: Capsule or tea.


HERBS AND VITAMINS: Most herbs and many vitamins like E, A, C, Zinc, and more have antifungal properties.







OXYGEN: Bioxy Cleanse





DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: Kills yeast and parasites in the intestines.